Micheal Jackson Was Killed by Illuminati? New Facts Which Will Blow Your Mind!

The life and career of Michael Jackson have always been surrounded by a whirlwind of controversy, and one of the most persistent conspiracy theories is that his untimely death was orchestrated by the elusive secret society known as the Illuminati. According to some theorists, Jackson was planning to expose the Illuminati’s influence in the music industry, which allegedly led to his demise.

Furthermore, his ownership of the Beatles’ back catalog and the release of his iconic “Black or White” album only added fuel to the conspiratorial fire. In this article, we will examine the claims made by these theories and explore the facts behind the speculations.

The Illuminati Conspiracy Theory

The Illuminati conspiracy theory posits that a secret organization controls global events and manipulates influential individuals to achieve its nefarious objectives.

The tweet below explains the pattern of the Illuminati:

According to believers of this theory, Michael Jackson was one of the celebrities who attempted to reveal the truth about the Illuminati’s influence in the music industry. The narrative suggests that his knowledge and refusal to be manipulated made him a target for elimination.


While conspiracy theories can be intriguing, it is important to approach them with skepticism and rely on verifiable facts. No concrete evidence has ever been presented to substantiate the claim that Jackson was planning to expose the Illuminati. It is crucial to remember that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

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The Beatles’ Back Catalog and “Black or White” Album

Micheal Jackson Was Killed by Illuminati

Another aspect of the Michael Jackson conspiracy theory revolves around his ownership of the Beatles’ back catalog. In 1985, Jackson purchased ATV Music Publishing, which included the rights to numerous Beatles songs. According to The Mirror, This acquisition drew attention and speculation about his intentions, with some suggesting that it further fueled his supposed conflicts with the Illuminati.


The truth, however, is less dramatic. Jackson’s acquisition of the Beatles’ catalog was primarily a business decision. He recognized the immense value of their music and made a shrewd investment. Jackson’s relationship with Paul McCartney, a former member of the Beatles, became strained as a result, but this was more about business disagreements than any Illuminati conspiracy.

Additionally, the release of Jackson’s “Black or White” album in 1991 added fuel to the conspiracy theory fire. The album, with its controversial music video, explored themes of racial harmony and unity.

Some theorists speculated that the video’s inclusion of occult symbols and subliminal messages was a deliberate act by Jackson to expose the Illuminati. However, these claims lack substantial evidence and are primarily driven by interpretation rather than concrete facts.

Few More Theories Which Links MJ’s Death to Illuminati

Here are a few theories regarding the Illuminati’s relation to Michael Jackson’s death:

  1. Sacrifice Theory: Some conspiracy theorists believe that Michael Jackson was sacrificed by the Illuminati as part of a ritualistic offering. They suggest that his immense fame and influence made him a target, and his death was orchestrated to serve a greater purpose known only to the Illuminati.
  2. Symbolism in Music and Videos: Supporters of this theory claim that Michael Jackson’s music and music videos contained hidden symbols and messages associated with the Illuminati. They argue that his song lyrics and visual imagery hinted at his knowledge of the Illuminati’s existence or involvement.
  3. Attempted Exposure: Another theory suggests that Michael Jackson was planning to expose the Illuminati or speak out against their alleged control over the entertainment industry. Proponents of this theory claim that his untimely death was a result of his knowledge and intentions to reveal secret information.

It’s important to approach these theories with skepticism, as they often rely on speculation, misinterpretation of symbolism, and a lack of concrete evidence.

The official cause of Michael Jackson’s death, as determined by the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office, was acute propofol and benzodiazepine intoxication, administered by his personal physician, Conrad Murray.

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