Michigan Man Arrested for Impersonating Police, Pulling Over Real Officer

A Michigan man was apprehended after he was witnessed impersonating a police officer by trying to pull over a genuine off-duty police officer during a phony traffic stop while flashing red and blue police lights.

According to a news statement from the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, Christian Katan Mansoor, 18, of Macomb Township, was driving a silver BMW with red and blue flashing lights on Monday.

Mansoor reportedly came up behind a Rochester Hills police officer who was not on duty in Waterford Township at about 11 p.m. He reportedly attempted to make a traffic stop, according to police.

The tweet below confirms the news of a Michigan man was arrested:

The off-duty policeman said that Mansoor had previously passed her and that she had been wary when he had stopped her. She introduced herself and enquired for Mansoor’s identity and the precinct he worked for.

Officials said that Mansoor informed the off-duty police officer that he needed to get his identification from his car and that he was a member of the 12th Precinct of the Detroit Police Department.

Evidently, Mansoor had no plans to deliver his ID back. The off-duty policeman pursued the man to a trailer park in Shelby Township after he apparently drove off.

According to the press statement, deputies subsequently discovered the car and Mansoor, who was transferring his license plates to another BMW he owned. After a brief foot pursuit, he was taken into custody.

Mansoor appeared in 52-3 District Court after being charged with a misdemeanor. He was reportedly freed on a $5,000 bail, according to police.

“Individuals that pose as police officers present a threat to the public and undermine legitimate law enforcement.”

“Individuals that pose as police officers present a threat to the public and undermine legitimate law enforcement,” Oakland County Sheriff’s Office’s Michael Bouchard said. “Thankfully, this individual was caught and is being held accountable for the incident.”

Mansoor may have impersonated a cop before, according to Bouchard, who urged neighbors to get in touch with the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office if they had been engaged in a similar occurrence.

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