Michigan Street Party Shooting: 2 Dead, 15 Injured

On Saturday night, a shooting occurred at a massive street party in Michigan, leaving two people dead and about 15 injured. The police say they have not been able to locate any suspects. State police say the shooting happened at midnight on Saturday in Saginaw, which is roughly 164 kilometers northwest of Detroit.

Police identified the victims as a male, 19, and a female, 51. “Fifteen people were injured by gunshot or being struck by a vehicle,” the police added. Reportedly, the party was advertised on various social media platforms.

CNN quoted police as saying, “A fight broke out between partygoers resulting in gunshots being fired. In response, others in the crowd began shooting into the crowd, striking several victims. As people fled the scene, many were injured after being struck by fleeing vehicles.”

The tweet below verifies the news:

Police were reportedly on standby along the roadway and ready to disperse the gathering when multiple 911 callers reported gunfire among the crowd.

MLive.com stated that police had told them initially that there were roughly 200 individuals in the party area and that they had been dispersing the throng before the incident occurred. Five different types of firearms were used, according to the investigation. No one was taken into custody.

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