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Mick Mars Net Worth 2022: Why He Is Retiring From The Band Motley Crue?

Mick Mars Net Worth

Mick Mars Net Worth

Mick Mars is a musician from the U.S. Mick Mars is best known as a co-founder of the band Motley Crüe and as the lead guitarist for that group.

Mick Mars was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis when he was in his late teens. Since then, he has had many health problems that have made it hard for him to tour with the band. Mars has also worked with other artists, such as John LeCompt, Crashdoet, Hinder, and Black Smoke Trigger, over the course of his career.

Early life And The Start Of Career

Mick Mars was born in Terre Haute, Indiana, as Robert Alan Deal in the 1950s. Soon after, he moved with his family to Huntington, Indiana, and then to Garden Grove, California. After dropping out of high school, he played guitar in a number of blues rock bands that didn’t do well during the 1970s.

He played in the band Whitehorse, whose singer Micki Marz gave him the idea for his later name change. Mick Mars got tired of the California music scene and decided to start over. He dyed his hair jet black to do this.

In 1980, he put an ad in The Recycler, a Los Angeles newspaper, calling himself a “loud, rude, and aggressive guitar player.” Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx, who was putting together a band at the time, saw the ad and got in touch with Mars. After hearing him play, they asked him to join their new band, Motley Crüe, as the guitarist.

The Band Motley Crüe

Motley Crüe’s first album, “Too Fast for Love,” came out in 1981. It had the singles “Stick to Your Guns” and “Live Wire” on it. Even though it only got to number 77 on the Billboard 200 album chart, it was certified platinum in the US. “Shout at the Devil” was the band’s real breakthrough album.

It came out in 1983 and sold 200,000 copies in the first two weeks. This made Motley Crüe one of the biggest heavy metal bands of the 1980s. With their third studio album, “Theatre of Pain,” which had the hit songs “Smokin’ in the Boys Room” and “Home Sweet Home,” the band changed to a more glam metal style.

With Tommy Lee, Nikki Sixx, and Vince Neil as bandmates, the group has sold 75 million albums all over the world. Mick wrote or helped write some of Motley Crue’s most popular songs, like “Dr. Feelgood,” “Same Ol’ Situation,” and “Girls, Girls, Girls.”

The album also got to number six on the charts in the US and was certified quadruple platinum in 1995. The albums “Girls, Girls, Girls” and “Dr. Feelgood” brought the band even more success, with “Dr. Feelgood” being their best-selling record. After Motley Crüe signed a $25 million deal with Elektra Records, they put out an album called “Self-Titled.”

This was followed by “Generation Swine.” “New Tattoo” and “Saints of Los Angeles” were two of the songs the band put out in the 2000s.

Mick Mars and the other members of Motley Crüe are known for living lavishly and acting like both men and women. The band has also been known for its elaborate live shows, which often include rollercoaster drum kits, flamethrower guitars, and heavy pyrotechnics.

Motley Crüe has sold more than 100 million albums all over the world, and nine of their albums have been in the top 10 on the Billboard 200.

Other Works

Mick Mars has worked with a lot of other musical artists in different ways besides Motley Crüe. He has written songs for John LeCompt, who used to be in the band Evanescence, and for the Swedish band Crashdet.

Mick Mars wrote two of the songs on “The Unattractive Revolution,” the second album by the second band. Also, read about Heidi Klum Net Worth

As a guitarist, he played on the title track of Hinder’s “Take it to the Limit” album from 2008. Mars also played guitar solos on Papa Roach’s 2009 album “Metamorphosis” and on Dilana’s “Inside Out,” which was released in the US for the first time.

Mick Mars helped write a song for Escape the Fate’s self-titled album in 2010. The next year, he helped write the song “Boss’s Daughter” by Pop Evil and also appeared in the music video for it. Mars also worked with Black Smoke Trigger on their song “The Way I’m Wired” and Cory Marks on his hit song “Outlaws & Outsiders.”

Why He Is Retiring From The Band Motley Crue?

Mick Mars, the guitarist, and co-founder of Motley Crue has stopped touring with the band because he is still having trouble with Ankylosing Spondylitis. But a representative said that he would still be a member. Also, read about Whoopi Goldberg Net Worth

“Mick Mars, co-founder and lead guitarist of the heavy metal band Motley Crue for the past 41 years, has announced today that due to his ongoing painful struggle with Ankylosing Spondylitis (A.S.), he will no longer be able to tour with the band.

“Mick will continue as a member of the band, but can no longer handle the rigors of the road. A.S. is an extremely painful and crippling degenerative disease, which affects the spine.”

The band hasn’t said anything about who will take Mars’ place. Also, Marilyn Manson/Rob Zombie guitarist John 5 is said to be joining the band.

Personal Life And Health

Mick Mars married Sharon Deal in 1970. Three years later, they split up. Mars married Emi Canyn in 1990. They split up in 1993. Later, in 2007, he met Swiss model Seraina Fai Schonenberger, who is 33 years younger than him, and started dating her. In 2013, they got married, and now they live together in Nashville, Tennessee.

Mars has had a persistent, painful form of arthritis for most of his professional life. The condition, which was first found when he was 17, affects his pelvis and spine and makes it hard for him to move.

Also, it has given Mars scoliosis, which has made him three inches shorter than he was when he was in high school. Mars had surgery to replace his hip in 2004 to fix the problem.

Mick Mars Net Worth

Mick Mars Net Worth is estimated to be around $70 Million in 2022. Mick Mars used mostly Kramer and other Superstrat guitars early in his career.

He used a black Gibson Les Paul and a B.C. Rich from time to time. He also used Fender Stratocasters, J.M. Rolph pickups, and a Floyd Rose bridge system that was licensed by Fender.

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