Middle School Teacher Quits ‘Under Pressure’ After Pornographic Onlyfans Account Surfaced

An Arizona educator lost her job when her pupils discovered a pornographic OnlyFans account she had created.

When her OnlyFans account was made public, Samantha Peer, a teacher at Thunderbolt Middle School, resigned “under pressure” from the district, according to a statement she posted on Facebook on Friday.

Middle School Teacher Quits 'Under Pressure' After Pornographic Onlyfans Account Surfaced
Middle School Teacher Quits ‘Under Pressure’ After Pornographic Onlyfans Account Surfaced

In the video, Peer explains that she started making videos at the start of the summer to supplement the family’s income since their regular income wasn’t covering basic expenses. So that no one in Arizona could access my OnlyFans, I went with a fake identity and blocked the whole state.

Peer, who created the violent films as “Khloe Karter,” said that she was put on paid administrative leave awaiting an inquiry after a “community member had reported concerns to the police” on October 24.

Someone anonymously reported a Thunderbolt instructor for pornography, according to the Lake Havasu City Police Department.

Police stated in a statement, “The instructor was subsequently identified as Samantha Peer (28). “In addition, it was said that one or more of the pornographic images of Mrs. Peer showed her in a classroom or similar setting, presumably on Thunderbolt School property. After forwarding the complaint to the police, it was discovered that the school district had already received the identical information.”

The police also noted that they are currently looking into the possibility of illegal activity.

On October 31st, Peer announced her resignation, citing “pressure,” but she said she was not let go. Peer also said that her husband Dillon, a substitute teacher for the district who appeared in the tapes, was terminated on November 4 due to the scandal.

Peer, who had uploaded pornographic images of herself indulging in sex activities on Twitter under the moniker “Khloekarterxxx,” alleges that students and faculty did not begin sharing the information until November 6, after she had quit, making her social media accounts start vibrating with reactions.

Alea Bilski, a parent of a student in the eighth grade, said to Havasu News, “If it was ‘only’ an Only Fans account I wouldn’t be as unhappy because then it would 100% be on the kids’ parents, but this was public and it was simple to locate anything with a Google search.”

Before the matter made news on November 7, Bilski said her daughter came home and informed her about the problem with Peer after she overheard the teachers discussing it.

When contacted by concerned parents, the Lake Havasu Unified School District emailed that “the photographs displayed did not place during the school day and the individual represented no longer works for LHUSD.”



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