Minnesota has Dynamite if California Wants Midwest Water

We’ve got plenty of dynamite in Minnesota if California comes for our Midwest water.

Red Wing, Minnesota is where I live. Many of your recent letters to the editor have advocated for piping or aqueducts water from the Mississippi River or the Great Lakes to California.

I’ll save you some time by telling you that this isn’t going to happen since the residents of this area don’t want you to have access to that water. Residents in the Great Lakes and Mississippi River basins have a strong dislike for California and its people.

People living in California need to remember the Owens Valley Water Wars of the 1970s when farmers destroyed an irrigation canal to stop Los Angeles from taking their water and sending it to the city’s sewer system instead.

In Minnesota, there is no shortage of dynamite. Keep the upper Midwest out of Californication.

Red Wing, Minnesota, resident Paul Cofell

Memo to West on water: Create your own solutions to your own problems

While we sympathise with individuals in the West who are experiencing a drought, the rest of the country would like to say, “Stop attempting to steal our water because you have used up your own” in a direct manner.

Because of reckless development and water use (has anyone heard of Las Vegas? ), politicians and residents in the West have contributed to this catastrophe.

What kind of person designs vast metropolises in parched locations, then wonder why there isn’t enough water to sustain them?

The Mississippi River, the Great Lakes, and other waterways will remain untouched. It’s a waste of time. To divert water would cause local water tables to decrease, wetlands to be destroyed, farmland to be dried up, and potentially long-term weather patterns to be altered.

Any attempt to take this water will result in defeat in Washington and in the courts, so don’t try it.

There has never been a situation when I felt as entitled to the resources of another state as I do every time we need more water in the West.

There is no way we can bail you out every time you need a drink of water.

It’s time for the doctor to heal himself! Solve your own difficulties by coming up with innovative solutions on your own.

Thibodaux, Louisiana, Charles Babb

Mitchell is wrong on the Tuition Waiver

Tuition waivers for tribal members at the University of California were the subject of an opinion piece by Donald Craig Mitchell, who calls himself a “nationally acknowledged expert.” I thought Mitchell’s comments disrespectful.

Mr. Mitchell, a white man, fears that UC will be duped by a group of phony tribal members. UC’s American Indian population is only a fraction of a percent of the student body. For the second time, all low-income students at UC are eligible for free tuition (see UC Blue and Gold Opportunity Plan).

Is there ever a population with no bad apples? You may question the white parents that bribed the university to get their kids into the school. Of course! The fact that he has a right-wing agenda and worries about yet another minority group stealing what is “ours” is obvious to anyone who knows him. This is all a “woke gesture,” according to him. The word “awake” is a death knell for any debate.

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