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Mike Batayeh Cause of Death: How Did The ‘Breaking Bad’ Actor Die?

Mike Batayeh Cause of Death

Mike Batayeh Cause of Death

Breaking Bad actor Mike Batayeh’s cause of death has been revealed recently. Many fans of the actor were eager to know the exact reason behind the actor’s death. In the next paragraph, we have discussed all the details that have been revealed regarding his death.

Mike Batayeh Cause of Death

It has been determined what ultimately led to the passing of “Breaking Bad” actor Mike Batayeh, who passed away on June 1 at his home in Michigan.

According to information provided by a representative of the Washtenaw County Medical Examiner’s Office to The Post in an email, the performer, who was 52 years old, died of “asphyxia hanging.”

The office did not disclose any other information in their statement.

Batayeh’s relatives had stated in the past to The Post that he passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack while he was sleeping and that his departure was quite sudden. His relatives had also mentioned that he did not have a history of heart problems.

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A report from the Pittsfield Township Police Department that was acquired by The Post said that law enforcement had been called to his one-bedroom apartment on the third level due to a “unattended death” and “possible suicide.”

The below tweet explained the actor’s cause of death:

According to the investigation, a male relative was aware of Batayeh’s “turbulent mental health” and knew that Batayeh had spent the weekend with him toward the end of the previous month “to distract himself.” The relative told the authorities that almost ten years ago, Batayeh had made an earlier attempt to take her own life.

The report also mentioned that another witness, who was labeled as Batayeh’s “therapist,” stated that the actor had been his client “off and on for the past seven years.” The witness became concerned after Batayeh missed a scheduled session on the morning of June 1, and the witness stated that he became aware of the actor’s relationship with him after the actor missed the appointment.

Batayeh’s manager, Steve Owens, stated that the actor “died of a heart attack in his sleep” when he was reached by The Post on Monday. Owens declined to speak further on the matter.

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