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Miranda Lambert Selfie Incident: The Singer Was Not Comfortable With It

Miranda Lambert Selfie Incident

Miranda Lambert Selfie Incident

A woman Miranda Lambert criticized for snapping a photo while performing in Las Vegas recently is speaking out.

In a TikTok video shared on Sunday, the country singer interrupted her performance of “Tin Man” as part of her “Velvet Rodeo” engagement in Las Vegas to address a group of disinterested audience members.

Miranda Lambert Selfie Incident: The Singer Does Not Seemed Too Happy with It

Lambert was heard in the video saying, “I’m going to stop right here for a sec, I’m sorry. These females aren’t listening to the song since they are preoccupied with their selfie. I’m getting a little annoyed with it.”

“We came here tonight to listen to some country music. I’m singing some country music, darn it,” she continued, resuming the tune.

You can watch the incident in the below video:

Following the event, some concertgoers chose to leave the performance. When Lambert reprimanded them for not paying attention to the play and instead taking pictures, Adela Calin said she and her companions were still snapping away.

“She said that these girls are more interested in taking selfies, and then she said sit down,” Calin recalled to “Good Morning America.”

“I felt like I was being back in school,” Calin added, “and me and my friends did something that irritated the teacher and she scolded us so she told us to sit down.”

“Everyone was having so much fun. At times, we would get up and dance.” It had excellent energy, according to Calin. However, following that incident, “it was just, um, not the same.”

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While some concertgoers praised Lambert’s position against excessive cell phone use, others believed she overstepped by mentioning a specific person, and some can be seen leaving the performance. The incident has caused controversy on the internet as well.

Let’s leave. You don’t treat supporters like way, a participant remarked.

Overnight, Lambert’s representative told ABC News that the singer had “no statement to add.”

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