Missing 4-year-old Daughter Found Dead in Kissimmee Pond

On Monday night, a 4-year-old girl was found dead in a pond in Kissimmee.

Around 7 p.m., the girl was reported missing, so Osceola County officers went to a house on Derby Drive.

The Sheriff’s Office says that the girl was last seen with a family dog in the back yard, near a closed retention pond.

In just a few minutes, the girl was no longer visible and the dog was seen swimming in the pond, according to the officers.

Osceola County Fire and Rescue went to the spot to help search by air and on the ground with bloodhounds.

A dive team from the Orlando Fire Department also came to help. Sadly, the girl was already dead when they found her body in the pond.

The Forensics and Victims Crime Units were sent to the spot to look into what happened.

The sheriff’s office called the girl’s death a “tragic accident,” saying that there were no signs of wrongdoing at the scene.

The girl was with her family in Kissimmee, the sheriff’s office says. Her next of kin have been told about what happened.

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