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Missing Body Californian Fuentes Found At Accident Scene

Fuentes Found At Accident Scene

Fuentes Found At Accident Scene

On Tuesday, authorities announced that they had located what they believe to be the body of a California lady who had been missing for two months. The body was discovered near a wrecked automobile that had been driven off a cliff.

On August 8 police were notified that 22-year-old Jolissa Fuentes had not returned home and could not be located.

Missing Body Californian Fuentes Found At Accident Scene

We wish we had better news,” Selma, California, Police Chief Rudy Alcaraz remarked at a press conference. …I really wish we could have brought Ms. Fuentes home with us.

Officials claimed that on Monday, they discovered a body and the woman’s possessions in a gully near Pine Flat Lake, along with the wreckage of Fuentes’ automobile.

According to the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office, a search and rescue team had to rappel down a cliff after following tire tracks through thick foliage.

According to Alcaraz, the crash only involved one vehicle. There is no suspicion of foul play, according to the authorities.

The coroner’s office is responsible for verifying the identify of the deceased.

Margaret Mims, sheriff of Fresno County, has stated that “there’s little doubt that we have discovered her.”

Even though that part of Pine Flat Lake was looked at, Alcaraz described it as “a great amount of geography” due to its dense vegetation and sheer rocks. He said that search teams descended two cliffs, each more than 200 feet in height, using ropes and rappelling equipment.

In a statement released by the sheriff’s office, they said that Alcaraz was the one who discovered vehicle wreckage and tire tracks along Trimmer Springs Road on Monday, which ultimately led detectives and search crews to the fallen automobile below.

Fuentes’s father, Joe Fuentes, said at a press conference on Tuesday, “He promised me he would find my daughter.”

“He’s my hero,” he went on to say.

Alcaraz claimed that he “simply got lucky” after visiting the location with “a new set of eyes.” The spot pointed out is at a swerve in the road.

Alcaraz stated that Fuentes frequently visited the Pine Flat Lake area and that she may have been on her way back from a drive there when the tragedy occurred.

The incident is currently being looked into by the California Highway Patrol. is where this article was first published.


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