Missing California Woman Body Discovered By Police

On Tuesday, authorities located the wrecked car that belonged to a missing California lady. Over two months ago, the woman vanished.

According to Chief Rudy Alcaraz of the Selma (Calif.) Police Department, who spoke at a press conference alongside the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office, the body of Jolissa Fuentes, 22, who had been missing since August 8, was found in a ravine on Monday, alongside the smashed car and the woman’s belongings.

He lamented, “We wish we had better news.” I really wish we could have taken Ms. Fuentes home with us.

According to Alcaraz, the single-vehicle crash happened at Pine Flat Lake, a reservoir in the Sierra Nevada foothills of eastern Fresno County. There was absolutely no evidence of any kind of crime. Officers had to rappel 250 feet down the cliff to retrieve the car and Fuentes’ body after following tire tracks to where the Audi had driven off the road.

The search crews were able to zero in on the correct location of the car thanks to Alcaraz’s early discovery of tire tracks and other vehicle debris.

“Fuentes’s father, Joe, stated at a press conference on Tuesday, “He promised me he was going to find my daughter.” I look up to him as a role model.”

The remains have not been officially identified by the coroner’s office.

Police said that on the night of August 6, Fuentes was at a family event and drove home in the middle of the night to get some possessions.


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