Missing Georgia Toddler’s Grandma Posts Weird Facebook Comment A Week Before Search

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, the grandmother of missing Georgia toddler Quinton Simon thanked her supporters and said she could “finally” “feel the calming serene sunshine striking my face.”

On Tuesday afternoon, Billie Jo Howell, who along with her husband has legal custody of missing 20-month-old Quinton Simon and his sibling, resorted to Facebook to share a message she said she had posted “years ago” and that “stands true today.”

“In my experience, turbulence always precedes peace. It seemed like a whirlwind was spinning everything at once, I tell you what “she typed, with a few emojis thrown in here and there. At long last, I can feel the soothing, serene sunlight on my face.

Then she elaborated: “All of you who supported me and encouraged me, man, you guys are incredible. In a word, I adore you. Everyone who has ever touched my life knows the significance of their roles. Despite everything, I still adore you.”

As of Tuesday, six days after the toddler’s disappearance, Howell still hadn’t commented to Fox News Digital about the search for her grandson. Neither Howell nor his daughter, Quinton’s mom, responded to a request for comment.

Grandma and Grandpa Howell, who are the legal guardians of Quinton and his 3-year-old sibling, had previously alerted local news station WJCL of this. When asked about her daughter, Billie Jo remarked, “hasn’t always done the right thing.”

Billie Jo allegedly said, “Sometimes she performs really fantastic, sometimes she doesn’t.” “This has left me completely bewildered. In my opinion, nobody ever thinks something like this will happen to them, so I have no idea what to believe.”

In her own words, she continued: “I’m not sure whether or not I can trust her. This much I know: I’m in pain, and I want to bring my baby home. The little guy is my kid.”

A police officer wouldn’t say earlier this week whether or not Quinton’s family was helping with the investigation or whether or not they had hired an attorney. He didn’t reveal whether or if cops had asked them to keep quiet.

Just this past Tuesday, the Chatham County Police Department revealed that they had “seized evidence” that they hoped would “take this investigation ahead.” The police department refused to comment on whether or not they had found any of Quinton’s personal effects throughout their investigation.

Police Chief Jeffrey M. Hadley announced on Monday that the FBI was providing assistance to the department in the form of over forty agents. The investigation thus far has included several interviews, searches, and canvasses of various locations.

Hadley also mentioned that authorities were checking to see if the toddler’s disappearance was criminally linked.

He told the press that they were approaching the case “from numerous fronts,” including a criminal probe and a search for a missing youngster. “Since we lack definitive evidence, we cannot make any promises. However, it is true that… we are considering the criminal investigation angle of this situation.”

So yet, the investigation has resulted in no criminal charges. Please contact the police at (912) 667-3134 if you have any information on the whereabouts of Quinton Simon.


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