Missing Plano Woman Identified as Body Found in Lake Lewisville

A missing Plano woman has been tragically discovered dead in Lake Lewisville. On Monday night, the tranquility of Lake Lewisville was disturbed when the body of a missing lady from Plano was found in the lake.

Sarah Dudley, 32, was reported missing on Saturday, June 24, just two days before her body was found. Dudley’s loved ones are quite worried about her whereabouts after she was last seen in the 7000 block of Bishop Road.

People in the area of Hidden Cove park in The Colony made the disturbing discovery around 7 o’clock that evening. Police were alerted immediately, and an investigation into Dudley’s death was launched by both the Plano Crimes Against Persons Unit and The Colony Police Department.

The tweet below verifes the news:

The medical examiner’s office in Tarrant County is still working carefully to piece together what led to Sarah Dudley’s sad death, but no conclusions can be drawn at this time.

Authorities and the public are at a loss for information because of the lack of clarity surrounding her disappearance and subsequent finding. Shockwaves have been felt across the Plano community as a result of the tragic loss of a young life.

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The community is left reeling from shock, sadness, and fear as they wait for news of the investigation’s progress. Investigators are working feverishly to learn what happened to Sarah Dudley, and they need anyone with knowledge to come forward.

She died under mysterious circumstances, and the community’s efforts may finally bring some answers to her loved ones after so much heartache. Lake Lewisville has become a somber reminder of the significance of being vigilant to protect oneself and one’s loved ones in the wake of this tragic event.

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