Convicted K!ller Boyfriend of a Pregnant Florida Teen Who Went Missing is Now on Trial for Her M*rder

On Wednesday, authorities announced that the body of a pregnant Florida teen had been located in Alabama and that her incarcerated boyfriend had been charged with her kidnapping and m*rder. Anastasia Gilley, 19, was found de@d in Headland, Alabama, early on Wednesday morning. She was four months pregnant.

Police immediately arr*sted 33-year-old Marquis McCloud on suspicion of kidn@pping and m*rdering the pregnant woman. McCloud, whose criminal record includes a r@pe conviction, had reportedly been in detention for several days prior to the frantic hunt for his alleged victim, but he was recalcitrant throughout.

The Alabama guy had already been arr*sted for a probation violation when the body of Gilley was discovered. A neighbor heard Gilley crying at 10:30 p.m. on May 3.

Missing Pregnant Florida Teen Found Dead in Alabama

Missing Pregnant Florida Teen Found Dead in Alabama

Fears of foul play were further fueled when police discovered her phone, handbag, and other possessions inside her home. A doctor’s appointment and a job shift were among the things her sister mentioned she had missed.

McCloud’s criminal past includes not only rape cases, but also robbery, violence, and violations of s*x offender regulations. An autopsy is being conducted on Gilley, and further information will be made available in the coming days regarding her cause of de@th.

The tweet about the pregnant adolescent who went missing in Albama may be seen here:

After learning that McCloud and Gilley had exchanged letters before her abduction, police focused their attention on him. The police did not confirm or deny McCloud’s paternity, so it’s unclear what their rel@tionship was like.

A “spitfire” according to her loved ones, Gilley stood only 4 feet, 11 inches tall, and tipped the scales at around 100 pounds.

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