Missouri Police Investigate Abduction And Rape

This weekend, authorities in a tiny Missouri hamlet northeast of Kansas City, where an emaciated woman fled and shouted for assistance, began their investigation into the possible abduction and sexual assault.

After the lady escaped from his Excelsior Springs home on Friday morning, police in Clay County arrested the guy on suspicion of rape, abduction, and assault. By Friday, her health had stabilized in the hospital, and she was allowed to go home to her loved ones once more.

Missouri Police Investigate Abduction And Rape
Missouri Police Investigate Abduction And Rape

“When we made contact with her, it was quickly evident that she had been detained against her will for a long amount of time,” Lt. Ryan Dowdy of the Excelsior Springs police stated.

The lady reportedly informed police that there were two other victims, however it is unclear whether these individuals have been located. Police in Excelsior Springs, Missouri, are still combing through the woman’s former residence for clues, and Chief Greg Dull begged the public for patience on Saturday while they do so.

According to Dull, further charges may be made if investigators find sufficient evidence.

About 30 miles to the northeast of Kansas City is where you’ll find Excelsior Springs.


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