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MNSUD2L Brightspace Online Account Login : Guide Step By Step

MNSUD2L Brightspace Online Account Login

MNSUD2L Brightspace Online Account Login

Students and teachers at Minnesota State University Mankato can access the university’s online courses at any time and from any location via D2L Brightspace, a Desire2Learn site. It is possible for students to read their course materials, participate in discussions and quizzes, submit assignments and check grades, all while keeping in touch with their instructors and other students.

Login to D2L Brightspace with your MNSU StarID.

The Minnesota State University Mankato D2L Brightspace online portal is only accessible to current students and faculty members who have their StarIDs. D2L Brightspace, email, and many more services across the state of Minnesota can be accessed with the MNSU-assigned StarID. Many different login IDs and passwords are eliminated in favor of a single, centrally managed one.

Minnesota State StarID Self Service allows you to activate and retrieve your StarID online if you don’t know yours. That’s why.

Please go to for more information about MNSU’s StarID Self-Service portal
Select the “Activate my StarID” or “What is my StarID” option on the right depending on your needs.

Make a selection from the following options: Tech ID (email), verification code (library card), employee number (state)
Find or activate your StarID by clicking “Continue” on the next page.

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MNSU D2L Brightspace Online Account Login Instructions:

Your MNSU D2L Brightspace Online Account can be accessed at any time using your StarID and a few simple steps.

It’s as simple as logging in with your StarID and Password.

D2L Brightspace at MNSU Login with a non-StarID:

MNSU D2L Brightspace Online allows you to access your course and classes even if you don’t have a StarID. That’s why.

MNSU D2L Brightspace Login Password Reset Instructions

If necessary, D2L Brightspace users at MNSU can modify or reset their login credentials. Visit get started, go to, the official D2L Brightspace website for Minnesota State University Mankato. Just below ‘Sign on with StarID,’ you’ll find a link that says, “Forgot your password?”

You can also access the MNSU StarID Self Service portal directly at if you want. To authenticate your identity, click the “Reset my Password” button in the first box you see. Then, one of the following options will appear.

You can reset your non-StarID Login password by clicking on the link that appears beneath your login button on your individual Login pages. Submitting the user name will send a password reset email to the associated email address.

MNSU D2L Brightspace Features & Benefits:

Minnesota State University Mankato uses D2L Brightspace, a web-based learning management system. You can perform the following for your online classes if you are an authorized student or employee of MNSU.

Contact Information:

Minnesota State Service Desk Phone Number: 877-466-6728

Official Mailing Address:

Minnesota State University Mankato
228 Wicking Center
Mankato, MN 56001-6062

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