Mom And Kid Uncover Dead Guy On Route To School In Buckhead

Located in the city’s northwest, at 1225 Peachtree Battle Avenue, police have verified the death of a man who was shot there. On Thursday morning, police closed down Battle Creek Way so that investigators could do their jobs in peace.

At at 6:45 a.m., a vehicle came upon the corpse in the driveway.

Mom And Kid Uncover Dead Guy On Route To School In Buckhead
Mom And Kid Uncover Dead Guy On Route To School In Buckhead

Heather Baker, who called 911, described “the type of shock and anguish” she felt upon learning that a person she had just met had been fatally shot.

As Baker and her daughter Imgoen, then 9 years old, were driving along Peachtree Battle Avenue, Imgoen discovered the man’s corpse in the driveway of this empty property.

“She reportedly told her mother, “Mommy, a guy in a…on the ground…blood there’s and I guess he was shot.” And I did the quickest thing I could think of and pulled into the first driveway to turn around. She said, “What are you doing?” and I told her, “Well, we’re going to turn back.” Consequently, we doubled back, and I dialed 911 on my phone “A statement by Baker.

Baker said her daughter discovered the disturbing discovery on the way to school.

Several gunshots and a fast-moving automobile were reportedly heard by a nearby resident on Thursday morning, who reported the incident to FOX 5 Atlanta.

Multiple gunshots were heard, and the victim is between 45 and 55 years old, according to the police. The police don’t think the guy lives nearby.

“We haven’t quite nailed down his identity yet. At the moment, investigators are combing the site in search of potential witnesses and extra technological tools to help in the investigation “said Germain Dearlove, Homicide Commander for the Atlanta Police Department.


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