Mom and Kids Endangered as Two Accused of Shooting into Gastonia Home

Authorities say two suspects are accused of firing into a Gastonia home on Wednesday that had a family inside before leading police on a chase.

Leon Williams, 21, and Edwin Leonardo Carrera-Cantarero, 19, were detained by Gastonia police in connection with the incident.

Just after 10 p.m. on Wednesday, police were summoned to a residence on South South Street close to East Garrison Boulevard. Officers were able to confirm that at least one bullet entered a home with a mother and her children inside after the caller claimed someone had shot into it.

A Dodge Charger and a Nissan Sentra were discovered by the investigators parked on South South Street. Additionally, they observed around eight individuals exiting the vehicles and strolling along the street, some of them were using ski masks. Soon after that, shots were fired, and both automobiles drove away.

The tweet below confirms the news:

Police tried to stop the Charger when they saw it traveling down South Marietta Street near East Eighth Avenue, but the driver refused to do so, according to the police.

When the speeding car’s driver lost control and crashed on Belmar Drive close to Fuller Drive, police pursued it. According to investigators, nobody was wounded.

Following the collision, the suspects fled from the police while more young suspects remained inside the vehicle, according to the police.

Williams and Carrera-Cantarero were apprehended by police once they were both located. A loaded handgun that had been reported stolen from Charlotte was also discovered inside the Charger.

Police contacted the Department of Juvenile Services, who then released the minors into the custody of their parents.

On Garland Avenue, the Nissan with three occupants inside was also discovered by the police. Two ski masks and another weapon were discovered inside.

Williams was accused of shooting into occupied property, fleeing on foot while committing a felony, aiding a child in becoming delinquent, resisting arrest, and a number of traffic-related violations. His detention is under a $250,000 bond.

Charges against Carrera-Cantareo included shooting into an occupied building, having a stolen gun, and resisting arrest. The bond for his detention is $100,000.

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