Mom Of Slain Delphi Teen Is “Shocked” That The Suspect Was “Living Right Under Everyone’s Noses”

Liberty Carrie Timmons, the mother of “Libby” German, is speaking out after the alleged killer of her daughter was arrested at the end of October.

On February 13, 2017, Libby, who was 14 years old, and her best friend, Abigail “Abby” Williams, who was 13, went hiking on a trail in Delphi, Indiana.

When the girls didn’t come back to where they were supposed to be picked up, their family reported them missing, and a search began. The girls’ bodies were found the next day, on February 14, near a creek. The police said that they were killed.

The case shook the small town of Delphi for almost six years and was never solved. On Oct. 31, Indiana officials told the press that 50-year-old Richard Allen has been charged with two counts of murder.

Timmons told Inside Edition, “I was shocked.” “I feel like I’m still in shock. It was out of the blue.”

Timmons said that she had always thought that the killer knew Delphi.

Timmons told the news source, “You had to know the area to get in and out.” “At the very least, it seems likely that they knew someone in the area. I didn’t think he would be living right where everyone could see him.”

Mike Patty, Libby’s grandfather, had told reporters before that he didn’t know Allen, who worked at a CVS in Delphi, but that investigators had told him they thought the suspect might be from the area.

“That’s why we said, ‘Never stop looking anywhere,'” Patty said, “because we didn’t know where he was.”

Allen has said he will not admit guilt. Fox News got a handwritten letter from him in which he asked for a public defender. In the letter, he wrote, “I put myself in the hands of the judge. Please help me in whatever way you can, “after saying that he didn’t know how much a defense lawyer would cost.

Timmons said this to Inside Edition, “If it turns out that he killed the person, how did he not get caught for almost six years? There are still a lot of unanswered questions, even more than before.”

She also said, “I’ve always said the girls deserve justice, and I hope that’s where we’re going.”

An early lead in the investigation came from a video on Libby’s phone, in which she caught a man coming toward them. The man can be heard saying “down the hill” in the footage.

In 2017, the police put out the blurry photo in the hopes that it would help them catch someone. Police haven’t said whether the man in the video is Allen or not.

“The arrest doesn’t bring her back, no matter what,” Timmons said. “I’ll still be wondering what she would be doing at this point or that point.”

Allen has a court date on January 13.

The case is still being looked into, so not much is known about it right now. The reason why the girls died has not been made public.

Authorities have said that if anyone else was involved in their deaths, they will also be held responsible, and the tip line is still open.

You can email or call 765-822-3535 with information.

Timmons wrote about how she felt about Allen’s arrest in a Facebook post “The story will finally be told over the next few weeks, months, or maybe even years. At last, the right thing will be done. We hope that our questions will be answered so that we can start to heal as a family and as a community.”

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