Mom Was High On Drugs Before Killing Georgia’s Toddler

In a 19-count indictment, the mother of a toddler discovered dead in a Georgia landfill is accused of murder and other offenses and claims she used narcotics before killing her son and discarding his body in a trash can.

On Wednesday, a grand jury in Chatham County handed down an indictment against Leilani Simon. She was detained by police on November 21, the day after they discovered the bones of her kid in a dump after searching through trash there for weeks.

The 20-month-old son of Simon, who lives with her outside of Savannah, was reported missing from his indoor playpen on the morning of October 5 when Simon contacted 911.

Investigators suspect the youngster is deceased, Chatham County Police Chief Jeff Hadley stated after officers searched the house and neighborhood for days. Simon was the only suspect, he added.

Two weeks after the youngster went missing, police and FBI agents concentrated their inquiry on the waste. Before discovering human remains that DNA tests identified as Quinton’s, they dug through rubbish for more than a month.

In addition to 14 different counts of lying to police, the indictment against Simon includes allegations of murder, hiding a death, and fraudulently reporting a crime. No attorney for Simon was listed in court documents, and it was not immediately clear if she had a representative.

According to the indictment, Simon met with a drug dealer the evening before her son’s murder and used an unidentified narcotic.

According to the indictment, Quinton’s mother hit him with an unidentified item on the morning of October 5 and caused “severe bodily injury” before he passed away.

The accusations state that she later disposed of his body outside a mobile home park, which is 1.5 miles (2.4 kilometers) from her residence. Simon later admitted to investigators that her purpose for going there was to get rid of “regular home rubbish.”

In a news conference on Wednesday, Chatham County Shalena Cook Jones declined to provide more information while pledging to bring the murdered child’s killer to justice.

The prosecutor stated, “It’s a matter that brings our own humanity into question.” The cases that keep us up at night are these.

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