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“Tumbling Dice” single sleeve illustrator Ruby Mazur’s daughter Valerie Chasin’s daughter, Mazur, was born in Los Angeles, California. Her mother was a model and her father an illustrator. There are four children in Mazur’s family, and she is the only daughter. The surnames of prominent artists (Monet, a brother named for Matisse, and twin brothers named for Cézanne and Miro) were used for their given names. As a result of her father being Jewish, Mazur has a Jewish heritage. In the music video for the song “Revolving Door” by Crazy Town, Mazur’s cousin Epic Mazur starred opposite Kimberly Stewart.

During the spring of 2005, Mazur wed British film director Alex de Rakoff, with whom she has two boys.

In July of this year, the couple filed divorce papers.

Monet Mazur’s Work and Personal Life

She began her professional life as a model. She started acting in her teens and was cast in a Gap commercial. Everybody in Leather, Everybody in Vests, and Everybody in Cords is some of her best-known advertisements, which she worked on with director Adam Delay in 1999.

‘Addams Family Values’ in 1993, Becky Beaner in ‘Mystery Men’ in 1999, Maria ‘Blow’ in 2001, Georgia in ‘Thye Learning Curve’ in 2001, Candy in ’40 Days and 40 Nights in 2002, and Kiki in ‘Comic Book Villians’ in 2002 are some of her other notable roles.

In addition, she played Anita Pallenberg in 2005’s “Stoned,” Abalone in 2007’s “Live!,” Carolina in 2008’s “The Last International Playboy,” and Frankie in 2009’s “Dead Man Running,” among other roles.

Since 2018, she has been on television as Laura Fine-Baker in the series ‘All American.’ Besides portraying Astrea in ‘Transformers Universe,’ she appeared in the music video for ‘Revolving Door,’ which was released in 2001.

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Nominations and Awards

In 2005, she received the Rising Star Award, and in 2002, she received the Young Hollywood Award in the category of New Stylemaker-Female.

Monet Mazur has been in several films and TV shows

According to Mazur’s IMDb page, she began acting in the theatre when she was a teenager. In her twenties, she worked as a model all around Europe. Mazur made the transition from international commercials to cinematic roles. Addams Family Values featured her as a flirty woman in 1993.

Mazur has also appeared in Kiss the Bride and Monster-in-Law. She has also appeared in shows like The Good Guys as an actress. Mazur has appeared in a variety of little roles throughout the years, but her most notable appearance was as Brandee Fields on Days of Our Lives.
All American’s Laura is one of Mazur’s most memorable parts. The show is based on a former NFL player’s life, and her character is an attorney. Despite her husband Billy’s stringent rules, Laura is a strict disciplinarian. In each of the show’s three seasons, he’s been a regular cast member.

It’s expected that Mazur will reprise her role as Laura in the upcoming fourth season of All American. The actor has no future projects at this time. Mazur is also part of the band Nancy Raygun.

Monet Mazur Family

With her family, Mazur currently lives in Los Angeles. They are both boys, and their names are Marlon and Luciano, and she is their mother. In 2005 and 2011, Mazur gave birth to her two sons. She has children with Alex de Rakoff, a British producer and director.

These two were married in 2005 and have been together ever since. They filed for divorce in 2018, however. Sophie de Rakoff’s sister-in-law, Mazur, was married to the costume designer throughout their marriage.

Mazur, who was born in 1976, has also lived in the West Coast city her entire life. She was also raised by four younger siblings. The actress turns 45 on April 17, the day of her birthday.

Monet Mazur’s Net Worth

It is estimated that the net worth of American actress Monet Mazur is $2 million. When Monet Mazur was born in Los Angeles in 1976, her father, Mark Mazur, was responsible for designing the Rolling Stones’ iconic tongue logo. In her own case, she got her start in the entertainment industry as a young teen.

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