Monkeypox Does Not Discriminate; Everyone is Susceptible

As a contagious disease, monkeypox spreads through prolonged contact with infected individuals. Experts emphasize that sexual orientation has not been shown to be a risk factor.

Caracas. More than 44,500 cases of monkeypox and 12 fatalities have been reported in 92 different countries this month. According to the WHO, “almost all instances” occur in Europe and the Americas (WHO).

With the addition of two more traveler cases on August 24, Venezuela now has three confirmed cases of the virus.


In the West (which includes Europe and the United States), the World Health Organization reports that 98% of infections occurred in men who have intercourse only with other men. He concluded that the best course of action for this group would be to reduce the number of sexual partners they had. The proposal was met with backlash on social media, as some users mistook it for homophobia.

Homosexual people’s social stigma

Freddy Salazar, an internal medicine and infectious disease specialist at Venezuela’s Central University (UCV) and an activist, defender of the rights of the LGBTIQ+ people, spoke with the Chronicle.
One is that they have begun to stigmatize members of the LGBTIQ+ community after the revelation of these numbers.

According to the expert, it’s critical that the gay and bisexual male community not be stigmatized because they represent the demographic with the greatest number of reported cases. Unfortunately, most confirmed cases were discovered in guys who only have intercourse with other men.

The monkeypox virus can infect humans and create a potentially fatal disease. The World Health Organization reported that it is spread through prolonged and close contact with respiratory secretions, skin sores, and contaminated objects.

Infectiousness spreads through sex

According to Chronicle’s specialists that were interviewed.
One of the things they stressed was the importance of a mature sexual life for everybody who engages in it.

Though it is possible to get smallpox through non-penetrating skin-to-skin contact, the vast majority of Western instances have resulted from sexual contact. Infectologist and president of the Venezuelan Society of Infectious Diseases Manuel Enrique Figuera outlined these requirements (SVI).

Instruct the populace

Dr. Figuera expressed regret that the alerts were being “misinterpreted” due to the open nature of the information’s publication in the statistics and epidemiological community. He acknowledged that the statement was “homophobic and stigmatizing,” calling it “wrong.” And he emphasized the need of public education in preventing prejudice and stigma.

New Names for Discriminatory Variants

Due to the fact that the disease was first identified in Africa, Salazar claims that the African continent is unfairly targeted. A professional has warned that “using names of countries or towns can cause greater discrimination and be discriminatory.”

In an effort to remove the negative connotation of associating a disease with a certain place, country, or animal, the World Health Organization (WHO) on Friday, August 12, announced the new names for the two existing monkeypox types.

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