The Most Expensive Home For Sale in California

Real estate in California is a hot commodity, as everyone knows. One of the most sought-after destinations to live in is the Golden State, which offers breathtaking views of the ocean, luxurious beaches, and a bevy of extras.

As a result, some of the world’s most affluent people have built enormous, awe-inspiring homes all over the state.

If you’re one of the top 1% of the 1% and you’re not wanting to construct, there are plenty of luxury homes currently on the market for you to choose from.

The most costly California mansions come in a variety of architectural styles, but they all have a few things in common, like breathtaking views, in-home entertainment, enormous square footage, and enough bedrooms to house the Los Angeles Rams’ starting offense and defense.

To learn more about the most costly homes in California and Los Angeles, we contacted Zillow and Both companies gave us links to these properties.

The most expensive homes currently on the market were confirmed by both real estate listing sites, however, their data is limited to residences that are posted on their websites and do not include pocket transactions – private sales not published on the MLS.

Additionally, we’ve weeded out properties that haven’t yet been developed, as well as a few listings where the decimal point appears to have been placed in the wrong position (unless someone is trying to sell a home outside Stockton for half a billion).

Consequently, if you’re a millionaire looking to settle down somewhere new, or if you just won the Powerball and want to blow some money, this could be the property for you.

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33550 Pacific Coast Hwy., Malibu

At just $225 million, you may own a 25,000-square-foot mansion on one of the world’s most sought-after coasts.

Michael Eisner, the former CEO of Disney, owns the sprawling property. It would be the most expensive home ever sold in California and one of the most costly deals even if it sold for the asking price, according to the listing agent.

The property, which was built in 2002, has nine structures with 16 bedrooms and 22 bathrooms. Inspired by traditional estates from Italy, Spain, and the south of France, Robert A.M. Stern created the home.

In each stone-covered property, the normal individual can only imagine what it would be like to live in a place with a spacious courtyard and terracotta roof.

You can work out, relax in the beach hut, or watch movies in the enormous cinema theatre that’s accessible by an “underground tunnel” leading from the pool. To further excite your interest, there is an elevator that brings you directly to the beach—yes, an elevator.

As the Wall Street Journal reports, the residence was erected by its current owner, Eisner, over four decades after he purchased the site and built it to his specifications. If you’ve ever wanted to live in one of the most opulent mansions on the planet, now is your chance!

Isn’t it wonderful? If you’re ready to buy, then have a look at the information provided below.

Kurt Rappaport, from Westside Estate Agency, is the agent in charge of marketing the property. Zillow’s mortgage cost estimator says that if you’ve already put in a 20 percent down payment (a meager $45 million), your monthly payment will be about $1.2 million.

So, what exactly are you putting off doing now?

OK, I understand what you’re saying. It’s a beautiful house, but you may not be able to afford it or it may be too pricey for your taste. You’ve come to the right place.

Even if you don’t want to give up the magnificent Malibu coastline, you can have a far larger mansion in the center of one of Los Angeles’ most affluent neighborhoods for a fraction of the price (2/3, about).

594 S. Mapleton Dr., Los Angeles

Located in Westwood’s Holmby Hills neighborhood, “The Manor” is both the most costly and largest property for sale in Los Angeles County as a whole.

Think about this: 14 bedrooms, 27 bathrooms, and 56,500 square feet of living space overlooking some of the world’s most famous and historic monuments. Isn’t it yet? Continue reading to find out more.

It’s in Holmby Hills, right next to the Los Angeles Country Club, on 4.68 acres. There is a movie theatre, a bowling alley, and a world-famous library all within the confines of the Manor. The UCLA campus, the Getty Center, and the home of a well-known Los Angeles are all within a few minutes’ drive of the estate. In addition, the Playboy Mansion is just a short walk away. And how many Wikipedia entries can you think of for your own home?

Interested? For $165 million, you can make the Manor your home. According to the listing agent, Drew Fenton with Hilton & Hyland, this residence is listed by Drew Fenton. If you have a down payment of $871,000, your monthly mortgage payment will be $871,000. Achieving that is possible.

Which one, then, are you going with? Sunsets on Malibu’s private beach, courtesy of the beach elevator? Alternatively, is it the hilltop mansion that bears its name?

Please include us in your housewarming celebration, regardless of which one you choose.

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