Mother Accused Of Killing Her Two Toddlers After They Were Found In Bathtub With Multiple Stab Wounds

As authorities look into whether a marital argument with the younger boy’s father caused the chain of events that led to their murders, they claim that the 22-year-old Bronx mother accused of killing her two children in a family shelter made strange comments about the devil after her detention.

The boys, who were found in a tub with garments covering their bodies and multiple stab wounds, were found to be 3 years old and 11 months old.

On Monday, their mother Dimone Flemming was charged with two counts of murder, two counts of intending to murder, and two counts of depraved indifference.

Down the hall neighbors claim to have overheard the pair yelling and fighting on Friday night.

After the argument, the father of the 11-month-old child allegedly slept in a car outside the apartment because Fleming instructed security to deny him access, according to the police.

Officers first went to the flat on Echo Place’s third floor after receiving a 911 call, where they claim to have discovered Fleming inside acting erratically and trying to set objects on fire in the kitchen while nude.

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Before the call, Frances Pimemtel ran into the mother outside and claims that Fleming kept repeating, “What I did do.”

Officers brought Fleming to the hospital for assessment after learning that the woman’s two children were with their father.

The father allegedly discovered the kids in the tub under a mound of garments in the flat after hearing what had transpired.

When they heard the father yelling for assistance, neighbors contacted 911 once more.

He was yelling hysterically, according to Shannon Holyfield, a neighbor. “He cried out, “Help me!” When I went to open my door, he was walking down the corridor with the two youngsters in his arms. They had already passed away. Blood was seen everywhere throughout.”

The boys were transported to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital where they were pronounced dead despite efforts by police and another family member to revive them.

While an autopsy will confirm whether or not they drowned, detectives think Flemming stabbed her kids in the neck and torso.

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