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Mother Allegedly Encourages 14-year-old Son to Fatally Shoot Man at Hot Dog Stand

Mother Allegedly Encourages 14-year-old Son to Fatally Shoot Man at Hot Dog Stand

A mother and her son, aged 14, have been arrested in Chicago after the mother is accused of ordering her son to shoot and kill a man at a hot dog stand. Carlisha Hood, who has a Firearm Owner’s ID and a permit to carry a concealed weapon, has been charged with murder and aggravated juvenile delinquency. Her son, who is only 14, has been charged with murder.

On June 18, a 32-year-old man was shot and killed at the Maxwell Street Express on South Halsted Street at around 11 p.m., and the two suspects were captured on June 21. Court filings state that while Hood’s son waited in the car, she went into Maxwell Street Express to get some lunch.

Court documents claim that shortly after, a guy aged 32 entered the restaurant, and an argument erupted between him and Hood. Supposedly, Hood was texting her son from the store to give him the signal. He walked in on the fight in the restaurant.

The tweet below verifies the news:

Authorities say the debate escalated into a physical confrontation when the man hit Hood several times in the head. After that, Hood’s son allegedly pulled out a gun and shot at the man, as stated in the paperwork. He was shot in the back and injured. According to the records, an eyewitness could be heard laughing at and encouraging the occurrence.

The man then raced out of the restaurant, and the teen is said to have chased after him while firing more shots. Two more shots were fired at the man’s back, and he was later pronounced dead. According to the court documents, Hood then turned her focus to the witness and told her son to shoot them.

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A Georgia employer owes nearly $40,000 to an employee who was paid in 91,500 filthy pennies. Evidence presented in court Hood reached for the boy’s rifle, but the boy shoved her away. After that, they got in their car and drove away. They were both detained on Wednesday after Hood and her son surrendered.

Both Hood and the boy have clean records, as far as we know. Authorities said they’ve taken them into custody and will be filing appropriate charges. No further information has been made public at this time.

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