Mother And Daughter Have Been Identified As The Victims Of A Double Homicide

The victims in what seems to be a double homicide in Des Moines have now been named by police as a mother and daughter. Early on Monday, Danielle Remily, 47, and Emma Parker, 20, were discovered dead inside a house in the 2600 block of 53rd Street.

According to several accounts of a shooting, police were summoned to the area at 2:50 in the morning, according to the Des Moines Police Department. When emergency personnel came, they discovered two bodies inside a house. According to police, they were shot.

According to police, the suspect, a male 22-year-old, broke into the house just before 3 a.m. According to the evidence, he killed both victims with a single gunshot before leaving the house.

According to investigators, the 22-year-old male called the DMPD communications center after admitting responsibility for the gunshots and saying he intended to commit suicide by traveling to a nearby park. The suspect was discovered nearby in Riley Park with gunshot wounds.

He was taken to a Des Moines hospital by the medical staff of the Des Moines Fire Department. As of Monday night, the man’s condition was still critical.

According to the early inquiry, the suspect was familiar to the victims since he had dated the 20-year-old victim in the past.

These two murders mark the 19th and 20th in the city of Des Moines in 2022.

There is no evidence, according to the police, that the incident continues to put the public at risk.

Detectives from the Des Moines Police Department are still looking into this event. As new information becomes available, it will be disseminated.

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