Mother And Stepfather Arrested As FBI Search For Missing 11-year-old

Madalina Cojocari, 11, has been missing for several weeks. Her mother and stepfather were detained on Saturday for allegedly failing to report her absence, according to the police.

According to law enforcement officials, the 11-year-old was last seen at her home in Cornelius, North Carolina, nearly three weeks before her school was notified that she was missing on December 15.

The juvenile’s parents reported him missing to his school, Bailey Middle School SRO, according to a statement from the Cornelius Police Department on Friday. The young person was last seen at home on November 23, 2022, in the evening, and hasn’t been seen since.

Together with the Cornelius Police Department, the FBI and the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation are looking for the missing girl.

At the time of her disappearance, Cojocari was sporting “jeans, pink, purple, and white Adidas shoes, as well as a white t-shirt and jacket,” according to the FBI.

When the school learned Cojocari was gone on Thursday, police claimed they opened an investigation.

According to two announcements from the police, Diana Cojocari, 37, and Christopher Palmiter, 60, were detained on Saturday on the accusation of failing to notify law enforcement of a child’s disappearance.

The mother and stepfather of Cojocari were recognized by the police. According to the authorities, both are being held at the Mecklenburg County Detention Center.

According to North Carolina law, parents or guardians must notify authorities of a missing kid “reasonably soon.”

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