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South Carolina Bride’s Mother Criticizes the Alleged Intoxicated Driver in a Public Statement

Mother of South Carolina bride killed in wedding crash

Mother of South Carolina bride killed in wedding crash

The mother of a South Carolina bride who was killed in a wedding night collision yelled at the driver, whose blood alcohol content was allegedly more than three times the legal limit, screaming “This was not an acc!dent.”

After leaving their reception at Folly Beach, Jamie Komoroski rear-ended their golf cart, k!lling Samantha Miller, 34, and badly injuring her husband Aric Hutchinson, 36. In the collision on April 28, Komoroski, 25, had a blood alcohol level of.261%, according to an incident report made public by police on Thursday.

“It wasn’t an accident. This person chose to drink, get behind the wheel, and plow down my daughter,” Lisa Miller, an addiction specialist, told Fox News Digital. “This is a conscious choice that a young lady made.” Before the celebration came to an unfathomable catastrophe, Miller and her daughter, Mandi Jenkins, claimed it had been the ideal wedding.

Samantha expressed her desire for the “night to last forever” to her new husband as they were leaving the reception. A short while later, Komoroski rammed her Toyota Camry into the golf cart, sending it flying over 100 yards and rolling many times.

Mother of South Carolina bride killed in wedding crash

According to the recently disclosed incident report, Komoroski was traveling at 65 mph in a 25 mph zone. Samantha was flung from the cart while still wearing her bridal dress and passed away immediately. Hutchinson and his brother-in-law suffered grave injuries, but his nephew walked away from the acc!dent unharmed.

Although she resided in the opposite way, Komoroski repeatedly assured investigators that “she did not do anything wrong” and was “just driving home” at the time of the accident. The report claims that the Coastal Carolina University alumna was unsteady on her feet, refused to submit to a field sobriety test, and kept requesting her boyfriend and a lawyer.

Later, police were able to analyze her blood at the hospital thanks to a warrant. When Samantha and Hutchinson first met three years ago at a hotel in Idaho Falls when they were both on business trips, it was love at first sight.

Aric asked her to dinner when they ran into each other in the elevator following their brief encounter in the hotel’s restaurant. Miller told Fox News Digital that Samantha, a “free spirit” from Charlotte, North Carolina, worked in marketing, while Hutchinson, a Utah native, sells building supplies.

In Folly Beach, they had made a peaceful life for themselves. “Aric and Sam are definitely soulmates,” the grieving mother said. “Their hearts were very much alike. They both loved incredibly.” In front of 120 guests, the couple exchanged vows on the beach before making their way to the Pelican Watch Pavilion for a bohemian-themed reception.

After enjoying mimosas and charcuterie, they treated themselves to a handcrafted pineapple-coconut dessert. “Sammy called me a couple of months into starting to plan her wedding and said, ‘Sissy, can you make my wedding cake?’ I was like, ‘I’m not a baker,’ and she was like, ‘It doesn’t have to taste good,'” Jenkins recounted with a rueful chuckle.

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Big Sister reluctantly concurred. Samantha was overjoyed to see the cake, which had a half-coconut and a fresh pineapple stem on top. She said, ‘Sissy, oh my God, it’s perfect.’ Jenkins remarked through sobs as tears streamed down her face, “I just didn’t get to ask her how it tasted.”

Samantha erroneously knocked the pineapple stem off the cake at the reception and laughed. Miller recounted her daughter’s request for the DJ to announce a surprise dance with the “most important person” in her life—her mother—with tenderness. Bruno Mars’ “Just the Way You Are” had the mother-daughter group moving in no time.

The happy pair was last seen by Miller and her daughter as they exited the celebration under a canopy of sparklers. Samantha would pass away shortly after, and her fiancé would suffer terrible injuries. When sirens started to sound, Miller and Jenkins had already gone back to their nearby Airbnb, and close witnesses reported hearing an explosion.

I immediately exclaimed, “Something happened to Sam!” Lisa remembered. As soon as a family member arrived, they drove Lisa and Mandi to the scene. “It was like a really bad movie, a really bad Netflix movie,” Lisa said. “We were running down the road toward all these lights…and we just were running and screaming Sam’s name.”

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There were also Sam’s father and small brother. After learning that everyone had been transported to the hospital from an officer, Mandi and Lisa went there and waited for several hours. “Then I got the call from Sam’s dad that said, ‘Sam isn’t at the hospital. She’s still here. She got killed, and I just identified her,'” recalled Lisa, choking back tears.

According to court documents, Komoroski is being held without bond and is accused with three charges of felony DUI causing serious bodily harm or death and one count of reckless murder. Former federal prosecutors Nathan S. Williams and Christopher S. Gramiccioni, two prominent defense attorneys, were hired by Komoroski.

However, they previously stated that they “cannot fathom what the families are going through” and begged the public not to “rush to judgment.” They declined to comment for this piece. Soon after being married, Samantha and Hutchinson intended to purchase a home and begin a family. Hutchinson and his family are already preparing for his wife’s funeral.

The groom sustained fractures to his face, shattered bones, and bleeding in the head, according to a post on the “Sam and Aric” GoFundMe page. “He is physically recovering at home while trying to come to terms with the loss of his beautiful wife,” wrote his mother Annette Hutchinson. “Now he is doing the unimaginable of planning Sam’s funeral along with her family.”

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