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Moving From California to Texas Might Save You $1 Million, Many Americans Are Opting for It

Moving From California to Texas Might Save You $1 Million

Moving From California to Texas Might Save You $1 Million

The number of people moving from California to Texas has been increasing rapidly. In 2021, it was the most popular interstate move in the US, with 111,000 people making the move, which is an 80% increase compared to 2012.

The main reasons for this trend are the high housing prices and the cost of living in California. Texas offers more affordable housing, with the value of homes being 2.7 times higher in California compared to Texas.

Texas is also attractive to Californians because of its no-income tax policy, lower cost of living, and employment opportunities in the tech and energy sectors.

Utilities are generally cheaper in Texas as well. On the business front, Texas has created a business-friendly environment, leading to many companies relocating their headquarters to the state.

The tweet below says the same thing:

Most of the people moving from California to Texas are millennials, accounting for 46% of the migrants.

They have a higher average household income compared to millennials nationwide. The price difference between homes in Texas and California is substantial, with homes in Texas being, on average, $282,000 cheaper. This can result in savings of over $1 million in certain moving routes.

Renters also benefit from moving to Texas, with savings of over $1,000 per month in 18 different routes compared to their Californian counties of origin. In terms of living space, Texas offers bigger homes and apartments compared to California, with an average increase of 17% in home size and 6% in apartment size.

Overall, the affordability, lower cost of living, employment opportunities, and larger living spaces in Texas are driving the exodus of people from California to the Lone Star State.

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