MPD Will Take Action Against The Officers Responsible For The Man’s Death

Regarding its internal inquiry into the death of Tyre Nichols, 29, MPD issued a statement on Sunday.

According to Memphis Police, the agency is “providing notice of impending administrative action to officers involved in the case of Tyre Nichols.” These comments have been made just over a week after Nichols’ arrest.

Chief CJ Davis declared, “I have determined that it is imperative to take prompt and proper action. I have reviewed several sources of information pertaining to this occurrence. The department has informed the involved officers of the upcoming administrative actions today.

Before the personnel can be disciplined or fired, according to MPD, they must go through a necessary procedural process; this process is anticipated to be finished later this week.

When speaking on the incident, Mayor Jim Strickland stated, “While we must finish the investigation process, it is our primary priority to guarantee that justice is delivered promptly. We want the public to be aware that, should the results warrant it, we are ready to act promptly and appropriately.

On January 7, according to police, Nichols was stopped for driving recklessly.

They claim that as they got close to his car, there was what they call a “confrontation” with Nichols, and he ran away.

He was eventually apprehended, but according to authorities, there was another altercation before he was taken into custody. He complained of experiencing shortness of breath after being detained, and was rushed to the hospital in a critical condition.

He later passed away from his wounds.

Nichol’s sister Kenyana Dixon says her brother was stopped by officers in unmarked cars while wearing hoodies, which she alleges made him fear.

Dixon declared, “I’m going to see this in my brain for the rest of my life to the day I die.” “If he did flee, he was terrified, as I described. He was terrified. Nothing was on him. Anyone can be stopped at a traffic stop, according to the law.

Supporters of Nichols stated on Saturday that they want to see sanctions applied.

Activist Paula Buress stated, “We would like to see cops, in this case, charged, every single one of them if there is any, which assume there will be if there is any police misconduct.”

Additionally, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is looking into the use of force on its own.

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