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Human Remains in Mille Lacs Lake Storage Container Lead to Murder Accusations

Murder Charges Filed After Human Remains Found

Murder Charges Filed After Human Remains Found

On Tuesday, a construction worker near Mille Lacs Lake discovered human remains inside a plastic container on the side of the road. The discovery led to the arrest of a 21-year-old man on felony charges of murder and hiding a body.

Authorities filed second-degree murder, concealing a body, concealing evidence, and vehicle evading charges against 21-year-old Bradley Weyaus Jr. The complaint states that on March 21, a crew of public works workers clearing a section of Twilight Road near Mille Lacs Lake came upon an abandoned plastic storage container on the side of the road.

Workers allegedly discovered a severed human foot when they opened the package sealed with industrial tape and bungee cables. They dialed 911 right away to report the crime.

Murder Charges Filed After Human Remains Found

“The body of a deceased male individual whose foot had been severed,” in the container, according to the authorities. According to the lawsuit, the man was found with multiple pellets in his throat, which were consistent with buckshot pistol shells.

The authorities have not yet disclosed the victim’s name because they are still in the process of notifying the family. The person was reported missing on or around March 20th, the lawsuit states. Police discovered probable evidence linking Weyaus to the missing man’s disappearance.

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Many sightings of Weyaus with an “unusually hefty storage container” have been reported by authorities in the vicinity, the charges state. His white Saturn was seen near the crime scene, and it was reported that he was driving it.

On March 21, as police were being called to the location, an investigator noticed a white Saturn pulling up. Instead of stopping when he saw the flashing lights, the driver sped off, prompting police to begin a high-speed pursuit.

A witness then said that they had followed Saturn to a rural location. According to the evidence presented in court, Weyaus left his vehicle, lugged his duffel bags with him, and entered one of the structures.

Weyaus was located inside the building after law officials had encircled the area and conducted a search. He was apprehended after he was caught running from police and on other outstanding warrants.

The lawsuit states that two duffel bags were located, one of which contained a hammer, the other a hacksaw, and the third a roll of industrial tape. The industrial tape reportedly matched the tape on the storage container, according to authorities.

According to the allegations against him, police also found a used shotgun shell casing in his vehicle. Weyaus’s former residence was investigated by authorities, who discovered multiple patches where the carpet had been removed.

Several trash bags holding evidence, including a piece of carpet with what seemed to be blood stains, were found in the dumpster. According to the complaint, the bloodstained carpet looked to be consistent with the carpet discovered inside the home and the carpet discovered in the trash bag containing the body.

The identification card of the victim was found inside the trash bags, slashed in half, along with empty shotgun shell boxes. Together with the knife, tool sharpening, rubber gloves, black mask, and industrial tape, they also discovered a receipt from a nearby hardware store.

According to the accusations, the container’s industrial tape seal matched the one on the receipt. No motive for the murder has been given by authorities. On Thursday morning, a judge heard Weyaus’ initial court appearance and set bond at $600,000.

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