Musk Denies Bringing Kanye West Back To Twitter

Friday, Twitter owner Elon Musk maintained he had nothing to do with restoring musician Kanye West’s account, which had been suspended earlier this month for anti-Semitic statements.

The billionaire claimed that Twitter had reinstated the rapper’s account (now using the name Ye) before the $44 billion buyout was finalized late on Thursday. “They did not consult with or inform me,” Musk wrote on Twitter.

Musk Denies Bringing Kanye West Back To Twitter
Musk Denies Bringing Kanye West Back To Twitter

Ye, who has more than 30 million Twitter followers, has recently courted controversy by severing high-profile corporate partnerships and lashing out on social media at other celebrities.

After having his Instagram account suspended for anti-Semitic tweets, Ye returned to the platform on October 8, prompting Musk to tweet, “Welcome back to Twitter, my friend!” A tweet of his was deleted when Twitter suspended his account.

Musk took control of the major social media network in a swift and decisive manner on Thursday, dismissing key executives but offering little details about his plans to realize Twitter’s potential.

But on Friday, Musk announced that Twitter would be launching a content moderation council with “widely different opinions.”

Before that council meets, “no big content decisions or account reinstatements will happen,” he stressed.

Ye had previously indicated in early October that he was open to purchasing Parler, a social networking platform that is very popular among conservatives in the United States.


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