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My Apologies, K. After Murdering a Friend During a Dispute, a 13-year-old Said: Affidavit

My Apologies, K. After Murdering a Friend During a Dispute, a 13-year-old Said Affidavit

My Apologies, K. After Murdering a Friend During a Dispute, a 13-year-old Said Affidavit

During a sleepover in Red Lion last month, the 13-year-old loaded and unloaded a pistol and talked about wanting to shoot it for hours before pointing it at his 12-year-old friend and pulling the trigger, according to police and court filings.

In relation to the April 1 homicide of Kain Heiland in the first block of First Avenue, Nolan Grove was charged as an adult on Friday with third-degree murder, involuntary manslaughter, two firearms charges, and four counts of recklessly endangering another person.

The 13-year-old was apprehended and charged on Friday. According to York County District Attorney Dave Sunday, authorities are looking for a safe juvenile institution to house Nolan. According to Sunday, the accusations were brought after a grand jury inquiry, which is legally required to be kept private.

My Apologies, K. After Murdering a Friend During a Dispute, a 13-year-old Said: Affidavit

According to him, his office kept in touch with Kain’s family during the investigation and explained to them why the investigation is ongoing in secret until charges are filed. “Decisions to charge anyone, let alone a 13-year-old with third-degree murder, are made with the utmost care,” Sunday said at a Friday morning press conference.

“We understand the gravity of our decision and we stand by it.” The Pennsylvania State Police presented the following account of what transpired in an affidavit of probable cause: On April 1, Nolan, Kain Heiland, and another youngster spent the day loitering around the neighborhood and going in and out of Grove and the other boy’s homes.

Nolan ultimately retrieved a laser-equipped handgun with a caliber of.380 from his home, where he and his father resided. The affidavit claims that Nolan repeatedly loaded and unloaded the weapon while telling his pals he intended to shoot it.

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Later, numerous witnesses testified to state police that they were aware of the location of the guns at Nolan’s home and that Nolan had access to them. According to state police, they were at their other friend’s house on April 1 at about 6:09 p.m. when Nolan allegedly pointed the gun toward Kain’s chest on camera.

Kain reportedly said, “Take your finger off the trigger,” according to court records. I’m the only one without a gun, which is unfair. The third youngster was reported to be holding a BB gun in the affidavit. More than an hour later, the lads went up to two girls who were playing with a scooter they thought belonged to the third boy outside Nolan’s house.

According to the complaint, one of the girls claimed Nolan told her “he wasn’t afraid to shoot anybody, and he would if he could.” In accordance with court records, Kain was lying on the ground, concealing his face when Nolan pointed a gun at him at roughly 7:52 p.m., less than an hour before he was shot.

According to state police, they have a screen capture of the FaceTime in which Nolan is aiming the gun’s laser towards Kain’s chest. According to court records, Nolan made jokes about Kain’s mother all day long. Nolan once used Kain’s phone to text Kain’s mother, telling her he thought she was “really hot.”

Around 8:22 p.m., when the boys were passing through Nolan’s neighbor’s yard, Nolan allegedly made another joke about Kain’s mother, according to the affidavit. To keep quiet, Kain told Nolan. The affidavit states that Nolan responded, “You know what happens,” before shooting Kain after taking the revolver out of his sweatshirt.

One of the witnesses said Nolan responded, “I’m so sorry, K,” when Kain hit the ground. The third youngster questioned Nolan why he shot Kain, but Nolan remained silent, according to the affidavit. According to Nolan’s mother, he eventually admitted to accidentally firing the rifle while swinging his arm back and forth.

Nolan was instructed on handgun safety, according to the woman, and “a firearm should not be pointed at something unless your goal is to wound it.” According to state police, Kain was shot in the back at a downward angle. At the scene, the York County Coroner’s Office declared him dead. One.380-caliber shell casing, according to state police, was discovered at the scene.

Nolan and the third youngster fled the scene of the shooting to go home, but they momentarily went back to get the BB gun. State police reported that after the third boy told his parents what had transpired, they dialed 911. According to court records, Nolan requested his father to return home by calling him while he was away in Harrisburg at the time of the incident.

The affidavit states that before Nolan and his father visited the state police’s York barracks for an interview, Nolan changed into clean clothes and washed his hands. The other youngster who witnessed the shooting also received a message from him telling him not to tell anyone what occurred.

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