‘My Conscience is Clear’ Were The Last Words Of Oklahoma Death Row Inmate Before Execution

‘My Conscience is Clear’ Were The Last Words Of Oklahoma Death Row Inmate Before Execution: On Thursday, Scott James Eizember, 62, who committed the murder of an elderly couple 19 years prior, was put to death in Oklahoma by lethal injection.

According to the Associated Press, Eizember stated, “I’m at peace,” while holding an intravenous line in his arm. “My conscience is quite clear. My kids are my world.”

At 5:10 on Wednesday night, Eizember had his final dinner. On Thursday, the fatal medications began to be administered at 10:01, and at 10:15, he was pronounced dead.

The Oklahoma Department of Corrections initially prohibited Rev. Jeffrey Hood from the death chamber due to his history of anti-death penalty activism and an arrest, but he was allowed in after the victims’ families requested it. As the execution got underway, Eizember could be seen speaking to Rev. Hood, who served as his spiritual advisor.

Eizember once raised his head and mouthed the words “I love you” to his daughter and lawyers.

He was found guilty of killing a 76-year-old man named AJ Cantrell and a 70-year-old woman named Patsy Cantrell on October 18, 2003.

He broke into the home of his ex-girlfriend after killing the Cantrells and attacked her mother and son before driving away in a stolen car.

Eizember spent months on the run before being shot in Texas by a guy he tried to kidnap.

The couple’s nephew Johnny Melton described the previous 20 years as “extremely awful.”

“There is no resolution today, but a new chapter in our life has begun and a page has been turned. I must state that 20 years is too long for justice to be served after going through this horror “Melton said following the killing.

“The process is much too slow, but we do want to get it right and make sure that everyone’s rights are safeguarded,”

An inquiry for comment on Eizember’s legal counsel was not answered on Thursday.

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