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Nampa Man Who Said Death Was a Suicide is Sentenced for Murder – Here’s What We Know

Nampa Man Who Said Death Was a Suicide is Sentenced for Murder

Nampa Man Who Said Death Was a Suicide is Sentenced for Murder

Dakota Honeycutt, 20, of Nampa, Idaho, has been sentenced to at least 15 years in jail for killing a 48-year-old Idaho man in late 2021.

Kevin Hunt said the office of the Ada County Prosecutor on Monday.

A news release from the Ada County Prosecutor’s Office says that 4th District Judge Nancy Baskin gave Honeycutt a 35-year sentence with 15 years fixed. This means that he won’t be available for parole until 2038. The state had asked for a total sentence of 45 years, with 18 of those years set in stone.

The statement says that Kevin Hunt, who was from Nampa, was found dead in Star park on December 26, 2021. He had been shot. When agents from the Ada County sheriff’s office found Honeycutt driving the victim’s car, they talked to him. He told them at first that he had seen Hunt kill himself, according to earlier Statesman reports.

After looking into it, though, it was found that wasn’t the case. Officials say that Honeycutt pulled the trigger on the gun that killed Hunt and then threw it into the Boise River, where a dive team from the police department found it.

Honeycutt was first charged with first-degree murder, but as part of a plea deal in February, he changed his plea to second-degree murder.

In the news release, Ada County Prosecutor Jan Bennetts said, “I’m sorry for Mr. Hunt’s family and friends.” “Thanks to the thorough work of the Ada County Sheriff’s Office on this investigation, my team was able to make sure that justice was done in this case.”

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