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Nashville Police Will Make the Manifesto From the Shooting at the Christian School Public

Nashville Police to Release Manifesto in Christian (1)

Nashville Police to Release Manifesto in Christian (1)

The 28-year-old transgender former student at Covenant School who allegedly killed three 9-year-olds and three adults last month, Audrey Elizabeth Hale, allegedly left a manifesto in her car, which police in Nashville have indicated they will reveal.

“The investigation has progressed to the point where the Covenant shooter’s writings are now being reviewed for public release,” the Metro Nashville Police Department told Fox News Digital. “This process is currently underway.” A police spokesman said a firm release date could not be given at this time.

On March 27th, Hale stormed the Christian elementary school with three firearms in what police are calling a “calculated and planned” attack based on a document found in the killer’s car. Under her bed at her parents’ house, Hale kept a journal on previous school shootings.

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According to court records, the police confiscated the diaries along with numerous other papers and electronics. There were even things like hand-drawn maps of the campus. A suicide note written by Hale was discovered by authorities underneath one of numerous laptops and a list of passwords was found in the bedroom.

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The police discovered a Mossberg 590 shotgun with a 12-gauge and a Winchester Model 1200 shotgun with a 20-gauge, as well as two “memoirs,” or training notes. Police had previously stated that one of the firearms had had its barrel sawed off. According to the data, Hale did not have any prior convictions in Davidson County or the Greater Nashville area.

Chief of Police for the Metropolitan Area of Nashville and Davidson County John Drake said that while they had not yet found a reason, they believed that Hale, a former student, had singled out the Christian school and its associated church.

Hallie Scruggs, the pastor’s daughter, along with Evelyn Dieckhaus and William Kinney, was among the young victims. Katherine Koonce, 60, the school’s principal, Cynthia Peak, 61, and Michael Hill, 61, were all named by police as the adults involved.

Officers arrived and began searching the building before hearing gunfire from upstairs. They had the killer on the second floor beside a window where other police had been shot at before 10:30 a.m. and had killed him.

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