Navy Federal Gift Card Terms And Conditions

Seven employees of the Navy Department formed Navy Federal Credit Union during the Great Depression in an effort to assist themselves and their coworkers in achieving their financial objectives. They pictured a credit union that would provide manageable borrowing terms and rates.

By offering a secure location to store savings and generate dividends, they hoped to promote the development of financial security. To pool their resources, they extended an invitation to others.

What began as a small group of navy personnel with identical objectives in 1933 has expanded to encompass officers, enlisted personnel, veterans, DoD employees, and their families. They are happy to still meet the various demands of our 12 million member-owners today. Using Your Card

You must first activate your Card, if it has a name on it, either online at or over the phone at 1-866-262-7438. You will have to choose a four-digit Personal Identification Number upon activation (PIN).

If your Card does not have a name on it, you can modify it by selecting “Sign In.” Gift Cards from Navy Federal are only valid for usage within the United States. There are no US territories included. You can purchase items and services with your card as often as you’d like, up to the card’s value.

Every time you use your Card, the transaction’s cost will be deducted from the Card’s available value. The Card cannot be used if its value drops to zero and cannot be reloaded. You agree to pay us the difference upon demand if you use your Card for an amount greater than its available value.

Before using your Card, we advise verifying the balance on it. The Card must first be registered with your name, address, and phone number in order to be used to make transactions online or over the phone. On, you can register your card.

After logging in, select “My Settings” from the drop-down menu and click “My Profile” to fill up your contact information. The fields with an asterisk (*) indicate that they are necessary fields. Other fields can all be left blank.

We strongly advise against using your Card at automatic fuel stations as the transaction may be declined or result in an uncomfortable hold on your available money that may last several days. Instead, we advise going inside the gas station and paying the cashier with your Card in full before having the petrol pumped.

With the exception of specific situations, such as when the Card is cancelled or you attempt to use the Card in the methods listed below, Navy Federal will authorise transactions on available balances.

  • To obtain cash, except in the event of its cancellation, as described elsewhere in this Agreement
  • For gambling or any unlawful activity
  • To make regular, pre-authorized payments to third parties
  • To obtain cash from automated teller machines (“ATMs”), cash back at the Point of Sale (“POS”), or Teller Cash or Quasi-Cash Transactions
  • Outside of the United States or in U.S. territories

Any Card transaction that has already been completed cannot be “stop paid”. You consent to indemnify us from any losses or other liabilities resulting from any transactions you start with the intention of carrying out illegal activities. We have the right to refuse permission of transactions that we consider represent a serious danger to us or our members, the law, or both.

Expiration of Card

Your Gift Card’s underlying funds expire along with the Card. The front of your Gift Card has an embossed date that indicates when it will expire. You can make purchases using your Card up to its expiration date or when its entire value has been depleted, whichever comes first.

Gift Cards purchased at branches in Arizona are not subject to the underlying funds’ expiration, and upon request, a replacement Card may be supplied for any monies still on an expired Card.

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If there hasn’t been any Card action within the time frame stipulated by applicable state law, the underlying monies may be transferred to the relevant state (“escheated”).


If for some reason, any part of this Agreement is found to be invalid or unlawful, the enforceability of the other sections shall not be affected.

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Charges and Fees

Gift Cards Charges and Fees
Fee TypeAmount
Card Purchase Charge$0
Inactivity Fee (After 12 consecutive months of no activity, the card will be charged $5.00 per month until the balance is depleted or you make a purchase. Cards sold in branches located in AZ, CT, HI, LA, ME, NH, NJ, RI, and VT do not incur inactivity fees.)$5.00
Lost/Stolen or Replacement Fee$5.00
Express Delivery Fee$5.00

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