NCIS Season 20: Is Something Interesting Gonna Happen! What Will Be Story Of Upcoming Series?

NCIS is, without a doubt, an unparalleled television phenomenon. There is a massive audience that spans many different age groups and genders. As a result, the CBS drama’s 435-episode run has been one of the longest of any contemporary TV series.

In the fall, the club will begin its first complete season since Gibbs’ departure from the helm. Indeed, the tone for the future will be established by Gibbs’s absence.

The 19th season was intense. Cases of the week aside, it was rife with tragedy, drama, personal challenges, and budding romances. Here’s what we know about the new season’s plot, actors, and premiere date, with Season 20 promising to pick up where previous seasons left off and continue some crucial stories.

What Is NCIS Season 20’s Plot? What Will Happen Next?

Season 20 will immediately jump into high gear. The NCIS season 19 conclusion, as is customary, left viewers on a tense note. An agent named Parker had been falsely accused of murder.

He and his crew fled into hiding while the FBI searched for them, but he maintained his promise to exonerate himself. The FBI wasn’t the only one on Parker’s trail, unfortunately. Parker’s ex-wife had returned to the picture for mysterious reasons, prompting the pair to go into hiding together.

And then, in the final moments of the show, she responded to a text with, “That was easy. Now he’s mine.” Cinemablend’s synopsis for the premiere episode reveals that she is working with the season’s primary antagonist, the notorious Raven.

While the first few episodes of Season 20 will focus on establishing Parker’s innocence, the remaining episodes will likely explore the characters’ relationships with others, such as the developing one between Jimmy Palmer and Agent Knight.

The showrunner of the CBS drama NCIS, Steven D. Binder, spoke with “We’ll get a glimpse into their personal life. The cases are a crucial part of the show, in my opinion. The Naval Criminal Investigative Service is the focus of the show NCIS. But each viewer knows that the show is actually about the characters.

In addition, NCIS and NCIS: Hawai’i fans can anticipate more crossovers in the future. As a matter of fact, the season premiere will have Tennant’s Hawai’i team assisting in the capture of the Raven, and the premiere episode of Hawai’i will continue that storyline as the DC crew visits Oahu.

 NCIS Season 20’s Cast: Who New Will be Added?

NCIS Season 20's Cast

Despite numerous cast changes throughout the years, NCIS has consistently featured one of television’s strongest ensembles. The regular cast members Maria Bello, Emily Wickersham, and Mark Harmon all left the show at the end of Season 19.

Nonetheless, regular cast members Sean Murray, Wilmer Valderrama, Rocky Carroll, Diona Reasonover, Brian Dietzen, and David McCallum are all returning for Season 20. Gary Cole will reprise his role as Alden Parker, and Katrina Law will return as Jessica Knight, both of whom were introduced in Season 1.

In the Season 19 finale, Teri Polo played Vivian Kolchak, and she will continue in that role for Season 20. In addition to being the ex-wife of Parker, Kolchak is also a former FBI agent and active paranormal investigator.

If Deadline is to be believed, she will be a recurrent character this season, which means that the storyline between her and Parker may not be addressed until later in the season. If nothing else, future episodes will undoubtedly shed more light on Parker’s shadowy backstory.

What Is NCIS Season 20’s Release Date?

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