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Who is Neelam Gill Dating? Neelam Gill Addresses Romantic Relationship Rumors with Leonardo DiCaprio

neelam gill dating

neelam gill dating

Neelam Gill, a British model, has talked about the dating rumors about her and Leonardo DiCaprio after they were seen together on July 28.

Is Neelam Gill Dating Leonardo DiCaprio?

British model Neelam Gill recently shut down dating rumors linking her to Hollywood superstar Leonardo DiCaprio. The 28-year-old clarified on her Instagram story that she is not DiCaprio’s “new flame.”

The tweet below verifies the news:

Instead, she revealed she is in a committed relationship with one of DiCaprio’s close friends and has been for several months. The photos of them together were a result of her spending time with her partner, not the actor. Gill hopes her statement will put an end to the false stories.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Alleged Relationship with Gigi Hadid Sparks Speculation

On the other hand, Leonardo DiCaprio’s connection with supermodel Gigi Hadid has been raising eyebrows. While sources have hinted at a possible romance, neither party has confirmed anything. They were seen partying together in the Hamptons, igniting rumors of a potential relationship. However, the exact nature of their bond remains unclear.

Neelam Gill and DiCaprio’s Friendly Outing with Gigi Hadid

Before the yacht vacation with Neelam Gill, DiCaprio, and Hadid were spotted together at a restaurant in London, accompanied by DiCaprio’s parents. While rumors circulate about DiCaprio and Hadid’s status, insiders claim their relationship is friendly, flirty, and low-key. Both stars make time for each other when possible, but Gigi is focusing on her daughter and her work commitments.

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Relationship Clarity: Neelam Gill’s Commitment and Gigi Hadid’s Low-Key Bond with DiCaprio

In conclusion, Neelam Gill has addressed the dating rumors with Leonardo DiCaprio, asserting her committed relationship with one of his close friends. On the other hand, speculation continues regarding DiCaprio’s connection with Gigi Hadid, with sources hinting at a friendly and flirty relationship. As the rumors persist, both stars maintain their privacy, focusing on their respective priorities.

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