Neighbors Stunned Seeing The Wounded Woman Knocked On Doors For Help After The Shooting In SE Portland That Left 3 People Dead

On their front doors and steps, residents of a Southeast Portland cul-de-sac saw bloodstains when they woke up on Monday.

Just before 7 o’clock the night before, they had heard gunshots. Police quickly arrived in force and ordered the locals to shelter in place. Teams with specialized training scoured the area for a suspect because they thought there was an active threat.

It turned out that there was no immediate danger. In the 16600 block of Southeast Main Street, a sage-green home where a small wooden sign that reads, “Mi casa es su casa,” is located, the gunfire had originated from within.

In what the authorities are now classifying as a murder-suicide, three males were discovered dead inside the home. Police first just stated in a news release Sunday night that a lady had been injured in a shooting in the Centennial neighborhood and had been taken to the hospital.

Neighbors were instructed to remain indoors following the gunshot, and as a strong police presence blockaded their street, they observed the injured woman being brought away in an ambulance.

One homeowner claimed she was horrified to find that three individuals from the house across the street were dead as she poured hydrogen peroxide on her blood-spattered concrete front stairs on Monday morning. Just before 7 o’clock, she heard a knock at her door, but she didn’t answer it out of fear.

A minute later, she noticed blood trickling down the glass of the entryway window and immediately dialed 911.

I was unaware that it was she. I would have assisted her, the neighbor who requested anonymity added. “It’s unbelievable. They are the most friendly people. They stayed silent. Never was there any shouting.

According to several neighbors, the family of the sage-green house included a couple in their 60s and two adult sons, one of whom lived there and the other didn’t.

The wounded woman, whose identity has not been made public by police, appeared to have escaped the gunshot and banged on at least three neighbors’ doors until one of them opened for her.

Another couple said they were at the Festival of Lights at The Grotto when they got a call from the police ordering them to stay away for the night. They reside with their young kid in one of the ranch-style homes in the cul-de-sac. They spent the night at a motel and discovered bloodstains on their garage doors when they got home on Monday.

One of them admitted to The Oregonian/OregonLive that they were “a little bit shaken up” and that the aftermath was “by no means beautiful.” The couple additionally requested anonymity.

The shooting’s next-door neighbor, Philip Kauffman, described his neighbors as lovely individuals who had lived there for roughly ten years. The family’s pet Pomeranian was carried in a basket on the back of the father’s bicycle as he circled the neighborhood.

It was incredibly heartwarming to witness during the pandemic, Kauffman added.

Among the other neighbors, Kauffman said he intends to organize a vigil.

Nothing ever went wrong. I never got the impression that they were upset, he continued. “They waved and grinned every time we saw them.”

The father of the household, according to Kurt O’Dell, who lives down the street, was employed by Shari’s Cafe and Pies.

The man’s employment at the Shari’s was confirmed by a manager, who also noted that he failed to arrive for work on Monday morning. The management acknowledged that he was well-loved but made no additional remarks.

Residents expressed considerable uncertainty and annoyance over the scant details police had given.

We’re all just curious as to what actually happened and if the woman who survived the shooting would be okay, O’Dell remarked.

According to Portland police, the woman had “unknown injuries” on Sunday night. They have not offered a condition update on her.

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