New Cellphone Video Shows Oakland School Shooting Kids Fleeing Campus

New cellphone footage shows pupils fleeing Oakland’s BayTech charter school as gunfire rang out at King Estates School Complex in East Oakland.

In the footage, police are seen with their firearms drawn in the hallways trying to evacuate pupils securely. Kids start to leave. Many pupils are still shaken by what happened.

New Cellphone Video Shows Oakland School Shooting Kids Fleeing Campus
New Cellphone Video Shows Oakland School Shooting Kids Fleeing Campus

Police said six adults were shot at East Oakland’s multi-school complex.

Chief LeRonne Armstrong says all six victims shot were innocent bystanders at school or work.

Two people are seriously injured, he said. One victim’s condition is unknown but stable.

Three patients have been released.

Two pupils, one counselor, one security guard, and two school staff members are victims.

Chief Armstrong stated there were at least two shooters and one accomplice, “but there may have been more.”

More than 30 bullets were fired, the chief added. He said, “That’s intolerable.”

The shooting is gang-related, he said. Nobody’s been arrested.

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaff called for federal gun control action on Thursday.

“We must continue to demand change from those with the most authority,” she stated. Rudsdale High and King Estates Campus schools were closed Thursday

“We must restore a lot of damage on the campus from yesterday,” said OUSD spokesperson John Sasaki.

Police Chief Armstrong says it doesn’t appear the suspects utilized equipment to break into Rudsdale Continuation High School before opening fire. Armstrong said they don’t know if the door was unlocked or already open.

According to OUSD’s 2020 Facilities Master Plan, 88 campuses, including 7 high schools, need upgraded security and alarm systems. The King Estates Campus scored a ‘2’ on its Facilities Condition Index and needs $747,304 in fire and security upgrades. The campus safety plan doesn’t say how the district wants King Estate Campus to lock doors.

OUSD spokesperson John Sasaki said, “We examine school security regularly.” Loren Taylor of District 6 thinks unarmed school resource officers aren’t adequate and wants to upgrade security.

“Baytech had its own security guards to help sustain their people, but we didn’t have the resources to avoid this and we must do better,” said Taylor.

Multiple cuts were made. This year, both OUSD and OPD cut police forces. 41 officers on the Surge 911 Response Team were suspended to reduce emergency wait times. Plus, nine traffic officers were removed. Chief LeRonne Armstrong aims to restart the unit.

Taylor: “We need as many budgeted bodies as possible.” Noel Gallo says OPD has the funding to be appropriately staffed, yet it’s short 55 cops. Gallo said, “The money’s there.” “I want to ensure my kids’ educational success.”

OUSD’s Board of Education passed a resolution requiring active shooter training in 2018. Teachers went on lockdown, the district told ABC7 New I-Team.

“The staff, especially, but also the students acted valiantly yesterday to make sure students were safe and got immediate medical attention,” Sasaki added.
It may be the night after the six-person shooting at Rudsdale Newcomer High School in East Oakland. Many Oakland parents fear gun violence.

“Hearing that makes a parent panic. Where are they? Why? You’re clueless. The community is shaken “Oakland father Billy Bowling says.

He attended school board and mayoral candidate forums at Castlemont High School, 1.5 miles from Rusdale. Most people remembered the shooting.

Bowling thinks Oakland voters have gotten only political rhetoric and promises. He wants accountability and action.

“We want to see money spent. Where? Why? What’s changed? Put out public spreads or data, “bowling

Ermelinda Ortega of Families In Action, which hosted the candidate forums, said, “We’re all tired of the violence in Oakland.”

Oakland schools were her home. As a parent with children in Oakland schools, she now prioritizes school safety. She doesn’t want a police state but favors campus security.

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