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New Evidence in Case of Greenland Bus Driver Charged With Stalking

New Evidence in Case of Greenland Bus Driver Charged With Stalking

New Evidence in Case of Greenland Bus Driver Charged With Stalking

The lawyer for a former school bus driver who is accused of stalking a Greenland boy and his family has asked for the trial to be put off again because federal prosecutors have brought up new evidence.

Behzad Mirhashem, Michael Chick’s federal public defender, asked for the trial to be put off for another 60 days on March 28. The prosecutor in the case, Assistant U.S. Attorney Kasey Weiland, agreed with the motion.

“This motion is based on the fact that defense counsel needs more time to review the discovery with Mr. Chick, including the new discovery that the government gave on March 24, 2023,” the motion says. “Mr. Chick’s lawyer also needs more time to talk to him about his options in this case and help him decide whether or not he wants to go to court.”

Court documents say that the trial, which has been moved around many times, will now start on June 21 at 9:30 a.m. Chick’s trial will be led by U.S. District of New Hampshire Chief Judge Landya McCafferty, who agreed to the request to keep the trial going.

Since the case is still going on, Jessica Kuron, a spokeswoman for the U.S. attorney in New Hampshire, said that no details are being shared about what prosecutors have found.

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Chick’s lawyer, Mirhashem, also wouldn’t say anything about the new evidence or Chick’s request to put off the trial.

What Michael Chick is Accused of?

Chick used to drive First Student bus routes in Greenland and Rye when he lived in Eliot, Maine.

Court documents show that in April of last year, the parents of a Greenland child who rode Chick’s bus became suspicious of the driver and told both the school district and the police about him.

In an affidavit that was filed in the case, it is said that Chick gave the child several TracFones and told him to take inappropriate photos of himself. The affidavit also says Chick put tracking devices on the cars of the child’s parents and went to their house at night.

The tweet below confirms the news:

Chick is also accused of threatening the child on the bus. He is said to have scared the child by telling him a lie about a group of criminals called “The Team” who would kidnap, torture, and hurt the child and his family if he didn’t follow orders to take inappropriate photos and videos of himself.

In August of last year, the police arrested Chick after getting a search warrant and going through his home. They charged him with federal interstate stalking. Later, Chick was not given bail, and in September, a federal grand jury charged him with cyberstalking.

Homeland Security Investigations and the Greenland Police Department looked into the case of the ex-bus driver.

Homeland Security Investigations set up a hotline at (603) 722-1751 for anyone who knows anything about the investigation into the former bus driver.

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