New Haven Man Wounded by Bullet Through Kitchen Window

Police say that shots were fired in New Haven on Monday afternoon when a road rage incident went violent.

According to New Haven Police Chief Karl Jacobson, the fight began around 3:30 p.m. near the corner of Howard Avenue and 2nd Avenue. One car tried to get away, so the other car went after it.

Jacobson says that the people in the car being chased thought about pulling into the police substation, but they were afraid that they wouldn’t be safe if there weren’t any cops there. Then they chose to drive to Yale New Haven Hospital.

The tweet below verifies the news:

Someone in the car that was following them shot at and hit the victims’ car once. The parking booth at the hospital was also shot at once.

Jacobson said that police have a video of the shot and know which car was involved. He made it clear that the attack was not on the hospital.

Jacobson says that the victims’ car didn’t have any guns in it and wasn’t a mean car.

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He said that the risk to the general people is low. Monday, the hospital will be locked down and more police will be there.

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