New Jersey Police Officer Dies 2 Months After Being Shot in Battle With Suspect

Authorities said Sunday that a New Jersey police officer who was shot during a fight with a suspect died two months later.

Police chief Joseph Smith said in a news release that Officer Robert Shisler “paid the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty” when he died of his injuries on Sunday.

The New Jersey Attorney General’s Office said that the 27-year-old cop was taken to the hospital on March 10 after he and armed suspect Mitchell Negron fired at each other.

The Philadelphia Inquirer says that Shisler shot and killed Negron, who was declared dead at the scene.

In March, the attorney general’s office said that when Shisler tried to stop Negron while he was walking, Negron ran away. said that a.38 special handgun that belonged to Negron was found at the scene.

The police chief, Smith, said, “Our deepest sympathies are with the Shisler family during this hard time of loss.” “Nothing can take away the pain of his death, but Bobby’s amazing bravery and strength will always be an example of what it means to be Deptford Strong. He was the best among us all.”

Shisler was born and raised in the town, and he lived there until he died in a terrible accident. Cooper University Hospital in Camden was where he stayed in the hospital for a long time.

Smith said, “Officer Shisler will always be remembered for how hard he worked to help the people in this great community.” “We are very grateful for all he has done for us.”

“He will be sorely missed, but will never be forgotten.”

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People Prayed for Shisler

After Shisler was shot, the police force kept asking people to pray for him as he tried to get better. Students in the area sent get-well cards to the officer, and different community events were held to raise money for his hospital bills.

In honor of Shisler, the department asked people to donate blood and take first-aid training. With the hashtag #shislerstrong, people on social media showed their support for the police officer.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that his grandma said in a Facebook post on April 24 that Shisler had had many surgeries and lost part of his right leg.

Ethel Hawkins wrote, “Thank you so much for your prayers and love.” She also said that Shisler’s father and brother were also police officers. “We’re thankful for every prayer said for him and our family.”

Sunday night, Shisler’s police car was parked in front of the town hall with flowers and a thin blue line flag draped over the windshield.

The state AG’s office is still looking into the killing and what led up to it.

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