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New York Declares A State Of Emergency Before The Christmas Bomb Cyclone

New York Declares A State Of Emergency Before The Christmas Bomb Cyclone

New York Declares A State Of Emergency Before The Christmas Bomb Cyclone

The majority of New York will experience a miserable Christmas holiday. To prepare for the enormous storm that is anticipated to batter the northeast during the holiday weekend, Gov. Kathy Hochul issued an emergency declaration for the whole state of New York on Thursday.

The action will take place at 6 a.m. on Friday when Winter Storm Elliott, which the National Meteorological Service has called a “once in a generation” weather event, is anticipated to hit the region.

Hochul stated in a statement, “I advise New Yorkers who are thinking about traveling for the holidays to do so before Friday or after Sunday to stay safe. Mother Nature is throwing everything she has at us this weekend.

It was anticipated that a bomb cyclone, which forms when atmospheric pressure rapidly decreases in a powerful storm, will form late Thursday night into Friday near the Great Lakes.

All around New York, there are blizzard warnings, coastal flood alerts, strong wind warnings, wind chill warnings, and winter storm warnings.

Over a 135-mile span, from Rochester to the Pennsylvania border, the state has banned all commercial vehicles. A number of highways will also be closed in Erie County, which is anticipated to receive 3 feet of snow on Monday.

Prior to the winter storm that is predicted to deliver record-breaking temperature dips and blizzard conditions, more than 5,000 flights have already been canceled.

According to forecasters, portions of upstate New York will have heavy snowfall while places nearer the coast, including New York City, will get pouring rain throughout the majority of Friday.

As of 6 a.m. EST, PowerOutage.US estimates that 58,364 consumers in New York and Connecticut were without electricity.

Between Friday and Saturday, winds are forecast to gust up to 60 mph while temperatures in certain areas rapidly drop by up to 35 degrees, resulting in freezing temperatures, wind chills below zero, and ice road conditions.

President Joe Biden stated on Thursday, “This is not like a snow day when you were a kid.” This is serious business.

The advancing storm’s consequences have already been felt in other states.

In Wyoming, during a massive whiteout that the agency compared to Antarctic conditions, highway patrol troopers responded to more than 100 wrecks in less than 12 hours.

According to police, a person was killed in Kansas City, Missouri when their car flipped into an icy creek. On Thursday morning, Denver experienced its coldest temperature in 32 years when it dropped to minus 24 degrees.

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