Wrong Turn Ends in Tragedy: Indictment for M*rder in New York Driveway Shooting

A man has been indicted for m*rder after he allegedly shot and k!lled a lady who was a passenger in a car that pulled into his rural New York driveway by accident. The indictment states that 65-year-old Kevin Monahan committed second-degree m*rder, reckless endangerment, and tampering with physical evidence.

According to what the court revealed to CNN On Wednesday, Monahan was arraigned and entered a not-guilty plea. CNN has contacted Monahan’s legal representative for comment.

Monahan is accused of opening fire on a car carrying several people, including 20-year-old Kaylin Gillis, when they stumbled into his driveway in Washington County, some 55 miles north of Albany, last month. A short while after, Gillis passed away.

Gillis’s boyfriend Blake Walsh claimed responsibility for the improper driveway incident. During a phone interview with NBC, he revealed that he and his late girlfriend’s two pals had been on the hunt for a party.  Another car containing four pals also ended up in the incorrect driveway.

New York Man Indicted on Mrder Charge (1)
New York Man Indicted on Mrder Charge (1)

“We thought we were at the right address,” Walsh told NBC. “We didn’t have any cell service to figure it out. As soon as we figured out that we were at the wrong location, we started to leave, and that’s when everything happened.”

Last month, at a bail hearing, the court decided to return Monahan to police custody. According to prior CNN reports, prosecutors claimed that Monahan’s aggressive and obsessive personality should be taken into account while deciding whether or not to grant him bail.

Attorney Kurt Mausert argued on behalf of his client, Monahan, arguing that he should be granted pretrial release because he has never been arr*sted or convicted in New York state and has lived in the area for over 30 years.

The news can be confirmed by the tweet below:

The lawyer has contradicted the sheriff’s account, claiming that many vehicles were heard revving their engines and approaching Monahan’s driveway at a “high rate of speed.” Andy Gillis, the victim’s father, has demanded justice and characterized his daughter as a “smart, kind, loving” young woman with aspirations of becoming a marine biologist or veterinarian.

“For this man to sit on his porch and fire at a car with no threat is just … (it) angers me so badly, and I just hope to God that he dies in jail,” Gillis said after Monahan’s April bail hearing. “Kaylin deserves justice.” On July 28, Monahan will have his next court date. The date of his trial, in September, has been set.

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