Newark Police Officers Shot; Gunman Hunted

Police in Newark believed they had located the individual responsible for the killing of two cops, but after searching an apartment complex they realized they had come up empty.

East Orange resident and 30-year-old Kendall Howard has been named as the suspect by police.

Newark Police Officers Shot; Gunman Hunted
Newark Police Officers Shot; Gunman Hunted

Near roughly 2:00 p.m. on that day in Newark, at the intersection of Van Velsor Place and Chancellor Avenue, he allegedly opened fire on police. CBS2’s Kevin Rincon stated that they were attempting to apprehend the suspect in connection with a separate incident.

University Hospital is now caring for the injured police.

A tenant of an apartment building alerted the police after recognizing a suspect in a shooting that occurred last week. After a thorough search of the building yielded no results, the police officers prepared to depart. They eventually tracked him down to the parking lot, where a gunfight ensued.

Police from all around the country, including the FBI and ATF, shut off the area for hours.

“Things had gotten to a terrible point. It sounded like firecrackers at first, but then I realized there were too many and it wasn’t that “Rosalind Reeves, a witness, said.

The mayor of Newark, Ras Baraka, has said that a citizen who recognized the shooter from a wanted poster phoned the police. Moments thereafter, police were searching every corner of the complex. They were leaving when they saw the suspect in the parking lot.

“The guy drew his weapon and fired shots at two cops. There was a return fire, or shooting. The guy went back into the structure, “Says Baraka.

The overwhelming reaction might be traced back to it. Officers everywhere, from the ground to the roofs, were on the lookout for the shooter.

The policemen need emergency medical transport.

“He took a bullet to the face and shoulder. He had surgery and was otherwise occupied at the medical facility. His condition is steady at this time. They’ll be holding him for the night. Another law enforcement official was shot in the leg. He is also hospitalized and is now in stable condition “Fritz Fragé, the director of public safety in Newark, stated.

After the suspect fled back inside, police spent almost eight hours scouring the building without success.

“The suspect has left the premises. The culprit is now the subject of an outstanding warrant, “To quote Fragé:

“This case is still being looked into at this time. We need the support of the general people to properly identify and track down Mr. Howard. However, I have faith that all required resources are being deployed, owing to our federal partners and our state, county, and local collaborations “Says State Attorney General Matthew Platkin.

Many residents who saw their area become a crime scene are understandably distressed.

“After that, how can they expect residents and schoolchildren to feel secure? Wow, he’s still at large.” Inquired a guy. Someone else could be able to pull it off if they weren’t able to.

“It’s been 3:15 p.m., and I’m still here. This is a terrible and upsetting development for the neighborhood “Victoria Emeghara-Owoo, a resident of the building, made this comment.


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