Newnan Movie Theater Manager Accused of Kissing Minor Employee

Police say that a manager tried to kiss a worker who was too young to work there. He is now in jail.

On Friday, police in Newnan were called to the Regal Georgian Theater on Newnan Crossing Bypass because of a possible sexual assault.

When police arrived, they talked to the 17-year-old victim. She told them that her manager, Washanta Gamalathge, tried to kiss her while she was cleaning the break room.

Officials in Newnan said Gamalathge admitted to telling the teen to clean the break room, but he later went to check on her because she was allegedly on her phone and not cleaning up.

Gamalathge told the police that there were no cameras in the break room when they asked him about them.

Gamalathge said the camera hadn’t worked for years when the officer went to check for himself and saw it in the back of the room.

The officer is said to have told Gamalathge to call his boss and ask him to fix the cameras. Gamalathge was also told to stand where the officer could see him.

Gamalathge Was Trying to Delete Footage From the Camera

But Gamalathge left the room after the officer talked to his boss.

Officials said that Gamalathge ended up locking himself in the room where the cameras are kept. Gamalathge was trying to delete footage from the camera when the officer came in.

The tweet below confirms the news:

When the police played back the video, they said they saw the teen cleaning the breakroom and Gamalathge putting his hand around the teen’s waist as he walked in. Authorities said that Gamalathge then put his hand under the teen’s chin, lifted her head, and leaned his face toward hers.

The teen then pushed Gamalathge’s hand away and ran out of the room.

Gamalathge was brought to the Coweta County Jail after being arrested.

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