NH Boy Found Dead After Being Beaten And Badly Burned

A 7-year-old kid who was found severely burned and battered at an apartment in Manchester, New Hampshire, last week was in a coma and has since passed away, according to authorities.

Jaevion Riley’s death is being investigated, according to a joint statement from the Manchester police and the Attorney General’s Office of New Hampshire on Wednesday.

On January 17, emergency personnel responding to a complaint of a young person in difficulty at an apartment in Manchester discovered Jaevion unconscious and with severe burns, according to the police. He was rushed to a nearby hospital and eventually moved to one in Boston, where he passed away on Tuesday.

The infant will be subjected to an autopsy by the Massachusetts Chief Medical Examiner’s Office, but the results are not anticipated for several months due to the need for more research, according to the prosecution.

The father of the child, Murtadah Mohammad, 25, was detained last week and is now facing multiple charges related to the alleged abuse of his son. These include one count of first-degree assault, two counts of second-degree assault, two counts of faking physical evidence, and one count of endangering the welfare of a child. He has been chosen to represent the public.

Mohammad allegedly admitted to first responders that he had been in the shower when his son was harmed and had missed what had happened. First responders observed numerous anomalies in his narrative as well as the fact that there was no evidence to support the claim that someone had just showered. According to an arrest affidavit submitted to the court, he would subsequently admit to using force and hot water as punishment.

Jaevion’s mother, Rainah Riley, told NBC10 Boston last week that her son was in a coma and that the hospital’s description of his injuries was “torture, mutilation, and brutalization.” She added that Jaevion had suffered severe burns, a fractured skull, rib fractures, bleeding inside the brain, lung injuries, and more.

Looking at my own son because of what this monster did to him makes me physically uncomfortable, she added. “It is utterly disgusting, it is horrific, and it is sickening to look at.”

Riley reported that Mohammad recently received joint custody of Jaevion. She said that despite her attempts to report abuse-related symptoms, such as bruises, to the New Hampshire Division for Children, Youth, and Families, nothing was done.

Riley claimed, “I requested wellness checks on him while he was with him for the bruising, and nothing was done. When will enough be enough? The system has failed not only my child but a great number of other kids, and something needs to be done because this isn’t OK. It’s not.

When questioned about Riley’s story last week, a DCYF spokeswoman stated the organisation is compelled by both state and federal law to maintain the privacy of the kids and family.

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