Ninja Strikes Guy Accused In 2019 Metro Bomb Scare

According to police reports, a guy dressed as a ninja and wielding a “samurai sword” assaulted a man at a lower Manhattan train station on Tuesday. The man had previously caused alarm in the city’s subways three years ago.

After removing the sword from its wooden sheath, Larry Griffin allegedly struck his head on the floor, causing a deep cut that bled profusely.

'ninja' Strikes Guy Accused In 2019 Metro Bomb Scare
‘ninja’ Strikes Guy Accused In 2019 Metro Bomb Scare

At about 9:20 a.m., Griffin, 29, and his assailant got into an argument aboard a train as it drew into the Chambers St. station, according to police. The argument then spilled out onto the subway platform and, eventually, the street.

After allegedly slashing Griffin in the skull with his sheathed blade, the subway samurai snuck away.

Outside the station, at Park Place and Church St., a bloodied Griffin was discovered, along with a piece of the weapon’s wood on the ground. New York City Emergency Medical Services treated his head injuries and sent him to New York-Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital.

Griffin first informed police that a ninja with a samurai sword had attacked him, but the assailant was subsequently characterized as a guy in all black, including a black Marvel Comics baseball cap.

There is speculation among investigators that a wooden practice sword was used in the assault rather than a metal one.

There has been more than one underground mishap for Griffin.

He was detained in August of this year (2019) for discarding three unoccupied rice cookers on a New York City subway.

Since the devices were placed at the Fulton St. station on Williams St., close to the Federal Reserve Bank, suspicions were raised that they were pressure cooker explosives. As it turned out, they posed no danger.



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